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  1. Thanks for all the codes this morning and thanks for not making us guess what they are
  2. Not sure about Netflix but If you have Amazon Prime download their app and do movies from there that is what we use when we cruise and never have any issues We have like 50 movies downloaded to our IPAD
  3. piano bar .. if your daughter likes singing she can ask the piano man to let her sing along and most of them love it when they do that
  4. I do AARP and Allstate rewards to earn the discounted Carnival Cards which is what I use to book all my travel
  5. I booked Early Saver for a cruise and then like a month or so later for my job I realized the company I work for teaching English was doing a cruise the following week so I contacted their travel agent that we were supposed to do the group booking thru and it took about 2 weeks for her to fenagle it but she was able to get my non refundable deposits moved to the new cruise ... so doing it by yourself probably not but if you get an agent on board they can do it --- I did not have to pay any FEE's for transferring
  6. They only do it on the days marked as Sea Day
  7. If the bar is busy you wait if its not you don't wait long If I see the line is clear at the bar I might slip in and grab a drink on my way to somewhere else in the comedy club and the shows it takes a bit of time to get drinks and refills so normally for those i will put my next order in when they come back with my drink as normally by the time they are done gathering more drink orders and dropping off the round they have its been 5 minutes and if you get to know a bartender and they know you get the same thing you can usually give a little head nod and they will start preparing what you want without asking
  8. I use my carnival card for pretty much everything i love the fact that when i book a cruise i can go to carnival card and either get a few hundred of OBC or paying of my gratuities for a trip
  9. I don't drink at all when I am at home ... to many of my family members are alcoholics so its a personal choice not to drink "on land" but to only drink when I cruise and seeing how my last cruise i tossed back 10 tequilla shots in 3 hours on an all inclusive beach (i say this as i figured they are watered down) and even on the boat i can toss back 4 to 5 of patrone before it hits me - needless to say i am glad i dont drink at home since i know how i drink on the boat i never thought cheers was worth it and yes i drink more because i have cheers then i would if i was self paying but I really love that i can try something and not feel bad if i dont like it and dont drink it ... i also love that its prepaid for and i dont need to concern myself with what i owe at the end of the cruise
  10. If the cabin is the same category number as your original cabin then you should be able to just change rooms but then again its Early saver so they don't have to let you change rooms - I would contact your TA asap to find out what you can do If its a different category number than your original booking then you will have to pay the price difference and if it happens to be lower price than the original there is a fairly good chance they will not allow you to change it period
  11. I book thru an agent that gives me extra OBC besides what carnival gives and his OBC will show up the first day because he purchases it for me as cruise cash .... Only once did it not show up it was no big deal I messaged him and after a little digging it turned out their office forgot to purchase it so they just added a credit to another cruise I had booked What you could do is message your .com place you booked thru and ask them what happens if the OBC does not show up - I say this so that if it does not show up you don't have to fret over it you can just do what ever they say perhaps they will send it to you as a refund instead
  12. You mean a bit of change for shipping ... there is no taxes on these purchases
  13. You are correct which is why I said does not matter if you buy day 1 or day 2 if you think you will want it then get it before hand and save the $5 per day
  14. perfect i prefer the indoor movies anyways LOL
  15. I would personally get something that gives you temporary guardianship of that child including the ability to make decisions for medical emergencies when leaving the country
  16. There is no exemptions on Cheers ... You can be allergic to alcohol and they would still require you to buy cheers Keep in mind Cheers covers other stuff like coffees and waters etc So you would need to decide if you would drink enough and that your mom would drink enough of the specialties to make it worth otherwise just buy your drinks as you go
  17. We leave on the sensation in 15 days just wondering what movies are playing right now
  18. That is exactly what i was thinking ... as long as I am able to get on the ship at a decent time I am good for what ever time we leave
  19. You can only buy it the first 2 days of the cruise and you still pay full price regardless if you buy it day 1 or day 2
  20. the phones are good - costs a bit to make a call but if you need to you can I have pancreatic cancer -- just be sure to have all his meds pain, nausea, etc anything he might use even if he does not currently need it just bring it to be safe
  21. I tend to bring my passports with me off the ship this way god forbid i miss the ship i won't have trouble traveling to where ever i need to go in order to meet the ship or get back home
  22. Honestly i would not get cruise cash problem with it is if you don't use it then you will lose it Instead, if your trying to buy ahead of time buy some carnival gift cards this way you can buy them ahead of time and then on your cruise just use your carnival gift card to pay off what you use - you can add your credit card to begin with and just go at the end of your cruise and pay off what you owe with your giftcards or you can add the giftcard when you get on board
  23. Good tip about the pools since your not wanting to take advantage of the kids club how about take advantage of early morning pool time - If you go first thing in the morning say 7 am everyone else is still sleeping or trying to get breakfast .... Have one of you stay and watch the kids and have the other go grab a couple of plates of random things pasties, sausages, bacon, biscuits etc so the kids can grab a bite take a swim grab a bite take a swim etc this way you can get the early morning swimming done before it gets crowded -- when it gets crowded go ahead and leave
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