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  1. Guess you haven't looked well enough. 😎 We always cruise with an aft balcony and the cheaper per day cost of Florida cruises covers our flights down there. I don't park at the airport. Uber is under $10. Same Day! Yikes!! I would rather fly than deal with all the DC/Balt traffic on the day I get on a ship. To each there own....
  2. We live in Virginia Beach I find Grandeur more expensive per person per night than similar ships sailing out of Fort Lauderdale, Tampa and Miami. I can fly to FLL/MCO/TPA out of Norfolk, spend the night, and get on a Radiance class ship for a similar price as driving to Baltimore, getting a room, and paying for parking. Plus I'll start my cruise in warm weather. Guess that's the reason I've never been on Grandeur
  3. Just got off after 25 nights.... We have the other corner for 14 nights in January 2020. #LoveVisionOfTheSeas
  4. It was fantastic.... Heading back to Barcelona November 6th to join my uncle on the Rhapsody TA.
  5. I sent you an email....but I believe your server is down as they keep getting kicked back to me. Just wanted to let you know the Serenade block is on the way. Should be there Friday. Thanks
  6. The public space on smaller ships is useful. On Oasis class much of the public space is just space. The ice rink and aqua theater are used a few times per cruise. The promenade, boardwalk, and central park are basically just walk ways to get to something useful.
  7. I understand the concept. Cram as many people on a ship as possible and you make more money. I hope they are done selling and leave Vision/Rhapsody in the fleet for awhile.
  8. Probably been posted before....but time to resurrect this thread Vision 7652 - 3 weeks ago
  9. Going to have to find a way to sail her before she leaves..... Another choice eliminated without a suitable replacement.
  10. Maybe when he told me 8 months....he didn't include the 2 month break in between??? He seemed very happy to be back!
  11. I have an extra Serenade that I can trade for a Grandeur. I haven't been on that ship yet even though it's the closest to me here in Virginia Beach. Let me know....
  12. Hey John Sorry for the late reply....we were doing the Vision Med and TA. Thanks for the offer......but we got an Empress. Hope things are well for you and Laura.
  13. Steve Davis took over from Mercedes on Vision for the TA. He told me he will be there for 8 months.
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