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  1. My point is that many vaccinated can be carriers. Even if 100% are vaccinated and a few bring it onto the ship....some of them or the people around them will still get mildly sick and cause the ship to shutdown. The whole ship would freak out quickly! If everyone is tested prior to boarding that lessens the chances.
  2. Here is some math.... 100% of the unvaccinated will test negative before getting on the ship. The only way they'll get it is from a nontested vaccinated carrier.
  3. I don't understand why people feel a 95% vaccinated cruise is safer? Vaccinated people are not being tested before boarding....they can just as easily bring covid on board. With over 2k on board....you'll still have many that will get sick and cause shutdowns. If everyone unvaccinated and vaccinated test negative before boarding that would be the best solution.
  4. When Royal decided to do test cruises....they had already made the decision to go No Vax. Why would anyone think differently??
  5. Sweet.... I misread the statement. Our Rhapsody sailing is still a GO....
  6. Guess my Rhapsody February 2022 cruise out of Tampa is cancelled...😳😵
  7. We stay off the "Large Ladies". Just floating barges....at least that's how we feel about Oasis Class. We are giving the Ovation a chance next year for the Spring TP. Hope it's a better experience!
  8. We use to book 1100 all the time....but those chair draggers in the mornings were just too much. 9256 is the way to go!
  9. This is the kinda of post that has chased all the interesting people away from CC. I look forward to the Wizard's post no matter where he decides to post them....
  10. Passed on the Serenade PC cruise as we are hopefully doing a similar 11 night on Vision in January 2022. But....I did book a b2b on the Serenade starting January 28th, 2023. A few new ports for us.....and Coco. Grabbed 9256 too.....😏
  11. Radiance and Vision class are the perfect size for us. We do like cruising on Voyager and Freedom class. Oasis Class is something we would not go back on. Trying Odyssey in October (Hopefully).
  12. I understand the business side of running small ships......but it's a sad day. Not all of us like sailing on a barge.
  13. We went from a j3 to a j4 when we did the Lift/Switch a few days ago
  14. Just got off the phone with Royal. I had two $450 FCCs ($900) that I applied to a booking yesterday. When I got the email with the cruise receipt today, Royal only applied $660 to the booking. When I called they said everything was correct and tried to blame a price drop i got 6 months ago and then port fees. Neither had anything to do with what my final cost was yesterday vs the $900 less it should of been today after they applied the FCCs. After two supervisors took a look....i finally got the rest applied. 45 mins out of my life....😎. Many people would of just excepted the original answer and Royal would of made out...... #ErrorAlwaysFavorsRoyal
  15. So....you're the culprit. 😄😄 I checked that one too....but July works better for us. Enjoy this fantastic cabin!!
  16. Sweet Booked Jewel Arctic and Iceland/Ireland. 24 fantastic nights starting July 26th, 2022. Bonus....Favorite cabin (9256) was available. Now to work on some lift and shifts
  17. There are not many fans of Royal bigger than I am.....but no one can defend these actions. Blaming it and accepting it as software problem...is rediculous. Software can be rewritten within days.
  18. That same software had no issues charging my credit card within minutes of me making final payment
  19. I've done 4 lift/shifts over the past 6 months. When they send it back to me repriced with the price protection, they always forget to move the OBC forward. They've also messed up the price protection twice (in their favor). A phone call to Royal always corrects the issue....but how many don't call?? I've also been waiting for a $900 FCC since July. I call each week and they say it will be "one more week" as it had to be done manually. There has to be a good percentage of customers that don't monitor Royal closely during these times that are being taken advantage of.....
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