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  1. I got my "Proctored at home" tests kits, and I was told (verbally which means nothing) by my insurance they would reimburse me. So, that feels a little better. I have noted, as I was concerned, that they know mention about being "denied boarding" without any mention of compensation. There is talk that people who ordered test kits that do not arrive or who had PCR test that do not get results will be tested at the terminal, but ... (verbally which means nothing).
  2. Just to be clear, regarding testing pre-boarding, I did not mean to imply they were removing the testing x days prior to sail. They have now lowered the days before from 3 to 2, which makes PCR a more risky choice. However, they are now allowing the at home with video rapid tests. I would recommend you get 1 soon before there is a run on them! Please don't "create" a shortage by buying to many. Royal Email I got today: C.D.C. Change in COVID-19 Testing Requirement The U.S. CDC has revised their pre-cruise COVID-19 testing requirement for all cruises departing U.S. ports from September 13th, 2021. Vaccinated guests must present a negative PCR or antigen test result taken no more than 2 days prior to sailing in order to board. (Previously, it was 3 days.) Check out our new, easy, and convenient at-home test below. Unvaccinated children ages 2 to 11 must present a negative PCR test result taken no more than 3 days prior to sailing in order to board. (Antigen tests are no longer accepted.) There continues to be no testing required for guests under age 2. Your test result must be issued by an accredited test provider and show a laboratory negative result that can be printed out or shown on your phone. Test cost continues to be the guest's responsibility. Learn about accepted tests at RoyalCaribbean.com/Test. Starting Wednesday, September 8th, fully vaccinated guests can order at-home test kits, shipped right to your door (anywhere in the U.S.) in two business days or less. Complete your pre-cruise test at home, with live video supervision by a Certified Guide. Get your results in 15 minutes. Visit RoyalCaribbean.com/HomeTestKit.
  3. It seems like they should warn you if you are going to be rapid tested day of sailing. They are saying that they want people to follow their assigned boarding times to spread them out to avoid delays from the "health screen", which is usually a questionnaire. that takes no time. But if you have to get a Covid tests and then wait 30 minutes for the results before you board, you could have a crowded terminal. Which we probably will have which is probably worse than being on the ship! It is what it is.
  4. So... I "heard" (from a former employee) if you ask guest relations, they will get you a test, complementary... and today I called royal and was told that its not "announced" on the page but that everyone will be giving a rapid test before boarding and with disembarking with results in 30-60 minutes (by email when off boarding), and I can use those to board next ship. This will also happen for back to back cruises. Those test are also complementary. Unless they are wrong or the policy changes!
  5. Not sure if we are getting into an argument about semantics. For "at home test", it not about location, its about profession administration. I am referring to the group of tests you can do yourself and send off to get results (CVS sells 3). This is performed by the person themselves without certification at the time of testing. Any test performed (or I get certified) by a professional 3rd party who verifies the identity of the person being collected from and the correct method of collection - whether its "at home", "in your car" or "at the Doctors office", is not. For example, if CVS qualified person will administer/witness the "at home" test and certify it as such, then that should work. I missed the Abbot test post but the web page product I saw for Abbot is a self-collection. You may well be allowed to board with a self administered test, but I would not want to risk it. And, as I was told by RCCL, being told you violated the cruise contract so now refund either.
  6. Tests and finding tests and grapevine: The reason they do not accept "at home" test is those are designed for YOU to have an easy/cheap way to test for your knowledge. A third party has no way to know if "you" took the test, did it properly, etc.. A testing center will verify your identity (photo ID, for example) as part of the testing, and are trained to properly test. Rapid testing - you should have results in 30 minutes or less. If you don't, I would go right back to the testing center to work it out. At least you can sail (clear test) or get a refund (positive test). Or you could even retest in case of false positive. And hopefully you know whats going on before you board a flight! If you do a longer test, the saw a web page on "chain store" testing (CVS/Walgreens/Walmart) that said normal times, 85% of the tests are completed within 48 hours. There is a small risk your test could go past sailing time, and then Royal keeps your money and you don't cruise. Royal "could" test you at the port, but they want/require a pre-test. Note: Unvaccinated get the 3 day test AND a day of sailing test. As far as finding testing (especially if you will test away from home), make sure you fully check where you will test. Some locations only do certain kinds of tests. Some only do tests on certain days of the week - sometimes only 1 day! And some have limited hours (I mean like 8AM to 10AM!) I am guessing its a mobile staff that goes to a different "chain store" each day. I was very surprised when, in my case, I had to narrow my check to rapid tests that RCCL allows and on a Friday in the afternoon. A person familiar with Royal Cruise industry told me the reason that people have not been notified directly of the changes is the likelihood the policy will change. Maybe it really was a knee-jerk or "get something out there" response and they will work out a smarted policy soon, and as more ships sail. I am sure the cancellation will be a factor!
  7. If you are unvaccinated, you still have to have that 3-day test. BUT... you also get a day of sail rapid test - which is complimentary on some cruises. Why not offer that to vaccinated cruisers? If you do not have test results, you get a day of sailing test complimentary or reasonable priced. In my case, why not give me the test on the Mariner 3-days prior...? But RCCL says no.
  8. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/will-i-have-to-take-a-test-before-i-cruise As of yesterday, August 1 to December 31st sailings... click for details based on departure port. Some appear to be indefinite. I also complained that I am finding out about this through websites (here) and FB and not from them. RCCL insist emails were send out. Everyone got that email right? Wait... no one? How odd... 🙂
  9. TSERFACE Maybe? But this is not about a positive test. Its about not having test results. Are they going to lean toward "give them their money back even if they don't provide a positive test"? In my call to RCCL, this is what we discussed. RCCL (maybe wrongly) said... we keep the money, you get out of our port. If you check the new "before I cruise" FAQ (put up yesterday) there is a new pre-cruise tests for vaccinated travelers over 5 day cruise that has no such language. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/will-i-have-to-take-a-test-before-i-cruise In my case, I am on a RCCL ship at CoCoCay 3-day prior to my "test required" cruise. But in my barely 48 hour gap, I now (without a car) need to get a test and be 100% sure I have results or I am out thousands of dollars, at a cruise port, with no ride and no hotel until my flight back. Because, as Royal told me... my fault..? But your post give me hope. If they decide "no test results" will be treated as a positive test result... then I am just one a ruined vacation, with no place to stay, no transportation... BUT... I get my money back. 🙂
  10. You're not wrong. But it did go to a "manager" who concurred. At this point, I would want something in writing because what will matter is what they want to do at the cruise port, where I can't keep calling until I get an answer that makes sense. They told me that have a new guide book (like yesterday) and they were following it.
  11. I talked with RCCL for a long while today. Once again consulting with "managers". Under the new policy (through Dec 31) you have to get a covid test prior to boarding EVEN IF YOU ARE VACCINATED (though not for most 4 day or less sailings). If you do not get test results for ANY reasons (lab delay, email issues, etc) you will be Denied boarding and Forfeit all all money. No refunds, no credits. I would recommend that you get a rapid test (30 minute) exactly 3 days before and be ready to do some 48 hour "I feel sick" cancel if that works. Another case of RCCL really hating on its passengers.
  12. I have never been happy with RCCL Webpage since the redo. The old one was clunky looking, but it worked. The new one is always buggy with me. I use the firefox browser. Often the "apply" button does not show up, or it appears to have my selections but they don't "work" when I hit search. Usually clear all my cache and cookies for the website and do a hard reload. Option two is to try it in private browsing. Option three is to use another browser (IE for me). If that fails, I wait until the next day!
  13. Yea - I left off it was the "discount" email you get before your cruise... it was to me, with my booking, for that ship, and that day. Issue #2 being "It is on sale", "you missed the sale", "it was never on sale"... all statements from Royal. If they jack the price up 20%, then discount it 20%... that slimy but at least "truthful". haha
  14. So... maybe I am way out of line here. TL:DR; * Discount email received, but not discounts showing. * Phone rep tells me discount are already applied. Then claims I missed the sale. * "Manager" admits there was no sale prices. Does not address the email I received or help me contact marketing. = I think they are sending a fake discount email so you click-bait book at full price. Manager says go ahead and post this on social media they don't care. So... I am! I have an upcoming cruise, and I am focusing on the Deluxe Beverage because as I had the numbers but I was looking at Beverage and Zoom, excursions, and other items. When I first booked, I noticed lots of the items I am interested seemed pretty expensive. But I know there will be a discount offer coming, so... don't panic. I got the standard "book now at a discount" email. After 3 days, planner still does now show any discounts, either in the prices or the "sale xx% off" banners you normally see. A call to RCCL and talk to a sales rep who says the sale price is already in the price shown. I explain that I had already priced several items, and there was no discount. Also, they normally indicated which items are discount and by how much with a graphic, also missing. We discuss the beverage package which was at $67 a night pre-discount-offer. He says there is a discount is included it $553.42 total. I do the backwards math (thanks Windows Calc) and that $67 a night. He then tells me it was a 3-day sale and its over. I explain I clicked on it shortly after it arrived. Then he says it was a 1-day sale and I missed it. I ask to escalate. He doesn't want to. After I insist, he puts me on hold for 25 minutes - hoping I go away - comes back and I tell him I have all day to be on hold, transfers me finally. Manager says there is not and has not been a sale and says there is no email (I forward the email). I ask to get contact info for marketing and the manager tells me there is no way to contact marketing by any method. Seems like they send out a "there is a discount" email, knowing there is no discount, so you would click-bait and book a deal. Either that, or the was a technical issue that I was not seeing the discounts. She said there was not technical issues as I was they only one who called. I said... so the only option is that RCCL is emailing its loyal cruises with fake discount emails, because if that is the case - I am going to put it out on social media and that is not going to be a good look for the cruise line. She said to go ahead and post it. So... here it is!
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