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  1. Then there are those of us who cruise for the itineraries, happy to have inside cabin to shower and sleep, spend our time elsewhere. Not willing to pay more for a balcony just to sail on a less crowded ship. Certainly won't be taking any cruises on which one is forced to take a cruise line excursion or stay on the ship.
  2. Always best to be west of Luzon with a tropical storm on the way. Royal Caribbean made 2 stops in Ilocos Sur province in December and January recently, but there are no docks available for cruise ships, took a while to get 4,000 to the shore 200 people per boat.
  3. You are correct, it is an assumption. They have to hangout somewhere. The Philippines is nice this time of year, rainy season and typhoon season about to end. No foreigners allowed into the Philippines unless they have Filipino children or are married to a Filipino citizen. Even in those cases they must get a visa from the Philippines embassy or consulate in their home country.
  4. Would love to sail out of Manila, would give me great joy.
  5. In addition it is illegal to spit, litter or feed birds.
  6. Not thinking about booking a cruise until I see how it goes, what a cruise looks like. Thinking 2022 for next cruise at the earliest.
  7. Was on Jewel in 2019 going to Ko Samui, Thailand, and all the ship excursions were booked before we got on the ship. Could happen this year, people forced to stay on the ship.
  8. Would result in mass murder in the Philippines, ironic since Halloween is ignored there.
  9. We spent the previous 3 winters in the Philippines but just got back to PA in June, will be spending the next two winters in PA. Miss all the international travel, loved planning cruises to get to or get home from the Philippines. Have had a total of 84 cruising days cancelled from February 2020 through May 2021. We have not seen any live music since last September, the first time since the 60's that I have gone 12 months without live music. Been saving plenty of money, ready to explode once the world gets back to normal.
  10. Singapore Airlines is now offering flights to no where. Take off in Singapore, fly for three hours, land in Singapore. Think it is a way to allow people to use their airline credits before they expire. Meanwhile in the Philippines the president has declared that the covid-19 state of calamity is extended until September of 2021.
  11. New national anthem pose protesting the lack of mental health treatment available.
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