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  1. Welcome back, Seaman, the usual optimistic lack of real information.
  2. There are plenty of people living in the Philippines less than 21 years old or over 60 years old who have not been allowed to leave their property since 3/15, are not being fed, no cocktails being sold, depending on the good works and generosity of others.
  3. Not sure what the new health protocols will be, but are there any hospitals near the RCI facilities? Could be a factor.
  4. I did not receive any emails when I received 3 refunds, still waiting on 2 more with no word yet. I check online every day, part of the morning routine.
  5. Most think it will cancel, would "invest" more to earn that extra 25%.
  6. Waiting for 2 refunds since March, send them an email once a month, just got the June canned response which says they received my email, gonna read it some day, might get back to me.
  7. Star going to get repairs done in Europe, then scheduled to do SA. Do not know what up with Epic.
  8. Heard the WiFi was not very good back then.
  9. Epic, worst big ship, is doing Barcelona to San Juan in November, very cheap at $399 pp inside. Star, worst small ship, is doing 20 days Lisbon to Argentina from November into December with 8 stops including 3 in Brazil. Current prices are $699 pp inside.
  10. Got the letter, she be cancelled. No word on the 9/20/20 Tokyo to Singapore.
  11. P & O Cruises just cancelled out of UK until 10/15/20.
  12. Evidently they have billing goals, and if they hit the goals for a few weeks then they get a bonus. Could inspire them to do unneeded actions just to run up the bills. This was reported anonymously by doctors fearing reprisals.
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