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  1. mugtech

    Jewel - No Landing Cards

    Funny thing when we landed in Manila on a flight from SF last month we could not find anyone who wanted to take our card, just walked out of the airport after immigration.
  2. mugtech

    classic 'bait and switch'

    This whole thread is a bait and switch. I thought someone had actual proof of a bait and switch, that was the bait. Then it switched to the time honored bait and switch argument.
  3. mugtech

    Jewel 2018 drydock updates?

    Remember getting on the Gem after most recent upgrade, the overall feeling was much more mellow and relaxing, visually quiet.
  4. And if you attend certain art auctions you will be served free champaigne.
  5. Have enjoyed the peace and convenience of deck 9 midship.
  6. The new CC is a real pleasure, just unfollowed this terrible thread.
  7. The large print giveth and the small print taketh away. Listen to more Tom Waits
  8. mugtech

    Will a balcony spoil me?

    We enjoy inside cabins because the price allows us to cruise more often. I do love that first sunrise on the first sea day, but it is no trouble to get up to the outside decks for viewing purposes. We are booked for a balcony on the Ovation 18 days out of Sidney to Hawaii in 2020, mainly because the price was only a few hundred dollars more than inside with the C & A discount. Looking forward to new places and the balcony experience.
  9. Notified of two posts, replying got easier the second time.
  10. mugtech

    New and Improved CC

  11. mugtech

    New and Improved CC

    Yes, remember how upset we were when Royal Caribbean "improved" their site, but eventually we came to love it?
  12. Not true. I know a Med Evac that spent 2 days out of 15, was in a suite, so she received 4 points for the cruise, not 30.
  13. It is especially fine to do a b2b involving a TA or TP cruise
  14. mugtech

    To Suit or not to Suit

    Unless you are Barney Stinson, leave your suit at home.