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  1. Hard to believe Anthem would stay in Europe and not sail out of Bayonne. The empty TA would account for most of the 14 days empty required.
  2. Got a car with 8 track already in it, only had two tapes, Moody Blues Days of Future Passed and a live J Geils Band. Wrecked the car, never got another 8 track, switched to cassette.
  3. Very excited for our first Oasis cruise on 5/15/22. Will be stuck in the USA for second winter in a row, very excited for next May no matter what we do.
  4. Visited Detroit in 1978, was made a member of DREAD (Detroit Rockers Engaged in the Abolition of Disco). Their symbol was a disco l.p. smashed with a big knife with the heading Saturday Night Cleaver.
  5. Royal is trying to get all Canadians to cancel because they are too kind and too polite, make Americans look bad in comparison.
  6. Just went to a local hospital and all the drinking fountains were capped and not allowed to be used. I stopped in at the cafe and they were selling bottled water @ $1.90 each. Had to look out the window to make sure I wasn't on a cruise.
  7. For us it is about the itinerary and avoiding certain ships. Currently the NCL cruises are much better for a better price in Asia, but the best itineraries are on my least favorite ship, the Sun. Jewel class ships are our favorites, the entertainment being almost as good as Royal. Being Plat + on NCL has some advantages, including 2 free meals for 2 in specialty restaurants. Anthem of the Seas is our current favorite, WWRY being our favorite musical on any ship. Would sail either line for the right price and itinerary.
  8. For most Alaska cruises it means more Alaska time by leaving from Vancouver instead of Seattle, since leaving Seattle means a Canadian stop. We also prefer to hang out in Vancouver rather than Seattle.
  9. Yep, AAA team got demoted to Trenton, NJ. Currently playing a 6 game series against the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs.
  10. My experience was a woman who was medically evacuated on day 2 of a 14 day cruise received 4 points because she was in a suite. Heard her being told this by the C&A desk on the Anthem.
  11. Bumper cars on Anthem were best to get there right before they open, 9 AM on the first sea day let me do b2b as the lines were small, later might have to wait in line 20-25 minutes.
  12. Congrats. Overnight this thread passed "To Add Some Humour" in total postings. Quite the year long chase.
  13. Still can't go across provincial boundaries in the Philippines.
  14. Please let me know where you found that info so I Don't waste any time there.
  15. We have sailed Norwegian 10 times, Princess and Carnival once each and RCI 5 times. We found RCI with the best entertainment with Princess and Carnival the worst. Prefer live music to someone singing to taped music. Most everything else depended on the itinerary, so far RCI has had the best for us. Probably next 4 cruises on RCI until we get back to Asia.
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