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  1. Hope you are having a Bon voyage, Tex!
  2. Happy to oblige. Husband and I will be boarding in 10 days, hopefully!
  3. Thanks for this info on 615. That is also ours on the Dumont,
  4. Wishing you a wonderful voyage. Hope you will share your experiences after all this!
  5. Thanks for very useful info.. Anticipating that the requirements which are effective until July 27 will likely tighten up. One has to wonder whether this is going to affect sailings given the issues that Viking has had.
  6. Thanks Texas and Schnapperin for the heads-up. We would in any case be getting this test done in order to fly on Delta. Now it looks like the CDC has requested a continuation of the ban on UK travelers since they have so many of the new cases there.
  7. Has this changed since then? Usually Icelandair's site is very up-to-date and reliable. 07/15/2021 | 8:00 AM Visiting Iceland Last updated: July 14, 2021 Passengers vaccinated against COVID-19 or recovered from it Can you visit Iceland? Yes. All travelers – regardless of origin – are welcome to visit Iceland if they can show either a certificate of full vaccination against COVID, or a certificate of previous COVID infection. See What do I need on my certificate of vaccination or previous infection? Do you need to provide a PCR te
  8. Must be our lucky day, Finally got a call, to be followed by written confirmation, that Covid PCR test WILL be conducted onboard the ship. Apparently, just as you said, they announced it on Sunday. Very nicely offered us onboard credit for our troubles.
  9. I also think since the start of your sailing is within the month of July, that it falls under the June/July category which had HQS approval. August......that may be another story.
  10. That makes perfect sense, although it was made very clear to me last week when I phoned them that it was their French HQS which made the decision. If I had an email address for the med team onboard the Dumant, I would contact them myself. Actually, an email address for just the ship would suffice and just make it attention Med team.
  11. That's great news for you! Can you remind me what dates you are sailing?
  12. We also hope to hear something this coming week. They have incentive to try and resolve this since we have officially informed them that we won't be sending our final payment unless and until we are satisfied that the test is available onboard prior to disembarkation in Reykjavik. I really cannot recall ever feeling this blah and ambivalent about a cruise.
  13. Upadate: Another unsatisfactory experience with Ponant. The agent told me that they are "still working on it. Apparently it is the responsibility of their French headquarters to make this decision. They apparently did authorize onboard testing for June and July, but somehow failed to include August and later sailings in this edict. Obviously we have no intention of remitting our final payment (due yesterday) until such time as we are given the appropriate and credible assurances that we can be tested onboard. It is difficult to imagine that we would consider dealing with this
  14. Thanks for the FB link. They actually forward it to the Delta website to a computerized FAQ system which did not trigger a response to my question. Am awaiting a promised human to respond. While I completely agree that it is incumbent upon us, as passengers during an ongoing pandemic, to be realistic about expectations and adaptable to any potential situation, it is also the responsibility and duty of the cruise company to offer appropriate services and protocols to its customers and to provide them with unambiguous and timely information. Noteworthy and by glaring contras
  15. Delta airlines phones are undermanned and it is impossible to get through - was put on hold for over an hour and finally had to give up. They should be able to confirm whether a video verification is necessary from Iceland. Will also contact Ellume HQS to get confirmation. As regards the possibility of getting tested at one of the last ports of call (within the 72 hour period) prior to disembarking in Reykjavik, the options are as follows: Seydisfjordur Hornafjordur Day at Sea Neither village is likely to have a Covid testing facility and it is high
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