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  1. Our small ship docks in Dover at 9AM and there don't appear to be any flights, other than multi stop options taking over 24 hours, leaving at a time we could make it. The ship doesn't offer any transportation from port to airport, so would be interested in suggestions for getting from Dover to LHR. Since spending the night is likely best option, any recommendation on an LHR hotel would also be appreciated.
  2. Your comment re potentially serious damage to brand damage for the UK market - reminds us of being onboard the failed Northwest Passage of the Fram in 2018 along with a large contingent of UK solicitors. There were several months of litigation but it was finally resolved in a fair manner. Some of the reviews were scathing, as you might imagine. Are your concerns in reference to Covid as possibly affecting the timing of the planned refurb? The Maud is anchored offshore, near the MS Trollfjord in the vicinity of Bergen and doesn't seem to be near the Kleven Shipyard which has
  3. Many thanks, Richard. You have provided more info than anyone at H and from online searches. It will be interesting to see whether the mid-March renaming takes place. Do you know what itinerary is scheduled for that sailing?
  4. Interesting. When I booked yesterday for our 2021 sailing directly with H, the agent told me that the deck plan currently visible on their site is what the cabin layout will be. As long-time and frequent customers of H, we've learned it's not unusual to get different info from different people.
  5. Thanks for the link. However, I did not find where the following information came from: Following the renovations she will have a capacity of 530 guests, as well as a number of new amenities and onboard venues. All public areas will be redesigned in a relaxed Scandinavian style. All cabins and suites will be completely refurbished, and new suites will be added. The ships will receive a new, specially designed Expedition Launch to serve as a tender area where guests embark on excursions. Link to description
  6. The H site is still showing the MS Midnatsol and the info is the same as before. Could you post the link where you found the MS Maud construction and return date? Many thanks.
  7. Many thanks for the info. We assume that the Maud will continue to have the same configuration as far as the promenade deck cabins are concerned. As regards the time-frame for completion of the green technology upgrade and other improvements, we hope they will complete them in time to be able to sail on the April dates for which they are taking bookings. We are aware that things can get delayed and had that experience when the departure date for the first sailing of the MS Spitsbergen was delayed several times.
  8. We are planning a sailing on the MS Maud and have a couple of questions. When did the ship undergo refurbishment and what was changed since the changeover from Midnatsol? Are the cabins on Deck 6, which is the Promenade deck, much affected by people walking past the windows? Also, any comments about the cuisine onboard would be appreciated.
  9. Very interesting - thanks for the info! I am still in the process of making the reservation and did actually hear back from Norway today. Apparently they don't offer the Black Friday deals, so not sure the price is going to be much different from a US purchase. Thanks for the info. This is actually our 5th Hurtigruten expedition that we are trying to book. Have only done one coastal which was the very first sailing of the Spitzbergen. Like any first sailing, it was quite an adventure....
  10. Thought Tromso was where the head-office is located and where No. bookings are handled. Yes, I am aware of Covid slowing things down.
  11. A few days ago, we tried to get some info in the hope of making a booking for April 2021 and are wondering how long it takes for someone at Hurtigruten No. to respond? We received the boilerplate response about how due to Covid it takes longer to hear back from them. Would a phone call be more advisable? Anyone else tried dealing with Tromso since Covid?
  12. Hopefully things will have improved since we were on the Amundsen's first sailing from Nome to Vancouver in Oct, 2019. We submitted our comments to Hurtigruten and cruisecritic in reviews,. Not mentioned, however, was our disappointment with the food offerings which lacked variety as compared to other Hurtigruten ships, such as the Fram. As with most first time events that don't always work out as they should, one can only hope that the problems have now been resolved.
  13. How nice of Daniel. I'm sure his well wishes are much appreciated by Mr Martini. Apparently Daniel remains unscathed by this debacle.
  14. Wild speculation or? http://icepeople.net/2020/10/05/china-buying-hurtigruten-legit-possibility-or-not-a-columnist-set-off-a-media-firestorm-by-declaring-it-a-realistic-scenario-but-is-it-just-idle-clickbait-speculation/
  15. We would still sail if ship tours were the only way to go onshore.
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