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  1. No prob [emoji6] Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  2. Lol... I posted in our roll call that I needed your email so I can contact him with a list of what people need. If you can send me an email, info in roll call that would be great Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks. We are the only ship in port that day so fingers crossed it's at Roseau. Thanks! Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks so much for the quick reply and excellent site.
  5. Does anyone know which Port Royal Princess uses in Dominica? I know there are 2 but cannot find anywhere which one we will be at.
  6. Really enjoying your posts. We are doing this identical cruise next year, so am excited to hear more about it. Especially the snorkeling you did in Bonaire and Dominica. Di you do private or thru Princess, and all the other details! We have done the Eastern Caribbean, but this is our first time on Southern. Hop you enjoy the rest of your cruise!
  7. As someone who has been putting a lot of effort into planning private tours for my upcoming cruise and looking for others to share the tours with I have to say first come first serve... Unless it is stated from the beginning that there are rules as to who can join etc. I chose to set everything up in a spreadsheet that everyone on our cruise can see. It shows availability and who is signed up for what. We also asked everyone to provide an email address. When a member wanted a tour posted they posted the info for me or emailed it to me. It is up to the members to keep up with the threads, you miss a day and sometimes you miss pages of posts...some days you miss nothing. You snooze you lose... My cell alerts me whenever there is a new post... That is how active I have CHOSEN to be on my rollcall... You can CHOOSE to be active or not. I also do not think it should be frowned upon for being that active!! Again it's a choice. My phone alerts me, I choose sometimes to respond right away, other times I choose to ignore it. I do not think it is fair that just because someone booked their cruise later than someone that they should not have access to any openings. Now you cannot complain if you are late on roll call and the private tours have all booked up... that is totally different. I arranged my own tours for myself, and if others wanted to join that is great! However, as others have said, there will always be those bad seeds in the group. As someone said they seem like they will take over... We have group leaders and it is their job to be in charge, if you want to be in charge of a group, take the initiative like many others do and set up your own tour! ;) I prefer to do private tours as they are typically cheaper and way smaller groups. I made sure I looked up reputable companies, that if someone no-showed or canceled at the last minute that it would not affect me! The company's take a visa # etc for booking purposes only, you no-show, they charge you...then I don't get stung in the end.
  8. Thanks the advice! I am booking for next year Oct 2016. So hopefully we will have less hurricanes predicted for then too.
  9. I am looking to book a Caribbean cruise at the end of October next year, and was wondering if anyone has done this cruise at this time and how they found it weather wise? I know it is still classified as hurricane season, but is it worth booking? Looking at the Southern or maybe Eastern. I have only been to Caribbean in Feb-April. Any suggestions? :confused:
  10. We are doing that sailing this Sept. Looking at the new itineraries I am VERY happy to be doing the cruise we have booked! Nothing hitting every port I wanted like the Grand Med does.
  11. That would be awesome thanks! More info the better! Sent from my SGH-I747M using Tapatalk
  12. Amazing pictures! Can't wait to get there! We will be doing the reverse trip with Princess in Sept! Were you happy with the company you chose for your day in Athens? Still trying to research that stop. Thanks for the great review! :)
  13. Thank you everyone for the advice! Definitely some research to do. We thought it would be easier to rent a car and drive but i will look into train etc. Sent from my SGH-I747M using Forums mobile app
  14. Need recommendation. Upon completing med cruise we are tring to figure out if we should spend time in Barcelona and then do coastal drive down to Gibralter, or spend time in Barcelona and then head to Madrid. We will be in Spain early October. Only have 5 days post cruise so need to choose wisly. Not interested in museums.
  15. Looking for recommendations on how to spend afternoon / evening in Mykonos when we are in port from 1pm-midnight. Any nice beaches / restaurants that are close to each other and or ship so we can feel safe later at night? Thanks for any help/suggestions :)
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