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  1. Anybody know who the band is on summit?
  2. Thanks. i dint want to have to rush.
  3. Pictures are beautiful. Had you had fun
  4. Considering a Boatyard Beach day but have not been there in years. Is it now super crowded less enjoyable? If so, any other beach day recommendations?? I think there is one other ship in port that day.
  5. I will be visiting St. Thomas in February. How early must one get to Coki or Meagan's Bay Beach to snag a beach chair? I don't want to rush however, I don't want to be sitting in the sand.
  6. Visitig in February. I have been to St Martin numerous times so this time I want to stay close to the ship and have a leisure day. I recall that one can take a ferry across the bay to the shopping area. Any interesting shops/tastings/crafts/restaurants we must visit? Any areas to stay clear of? How/Where to catch the all day ferry/shuttle?? TIA
  7. GTVvruiser-Looks like you found friends and had fun. Time to book another.
  8. Thanks all . Since i only drink wine at dinner I will wait and pay the difference. Appreciate the responses👍🏻
  9. Anybody know what brand Chardonnay or cabernet Savignon is served with the classic package? Dont want to upgrade if I don't have to. Dont want to drink vinergar either🤷‍♀️
  10. Skleeb, its the Caribbean on Celebrity Apex. No interesting islands but should be an awesome ship. I will have the drink package and a good book.
  11. First solo cruise Feb2020. Already booked another for next year. One port intensive one ship intensive🤷‍♀️
  12. Flying into PR. Do i leave my phone on airplane mode and sign into wifi once on the ship? Do i hve to manually shut off roaming? Im Just looking to receive texts and possibly post a pic or two. No calling necessary. Do I have to motify provider????
  13. Keep checking. I booked out of jfk. Delta was the cheapest st $259 followed by jet blue around $400. I liked deltas time down and jet blues return time so i booked one way on each airline. Saved $2.00. Lol
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