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  1. Thanks everyone for your answers and clarification. So it seems like a lot of extra money (around AUD$400 per night) for not many benefits to go to the OS. With the JS I can still go to CK for dinner, I don't have to make theatre reservations (apart from pixels) and I can go to the DL for happy hour and diamond breakfast. I understand the room itself is bigger but I'm fine with the JS. The OS perks don't seem to be worth it. Again, thanks for the information, it's much appreciated.
  2. Hi all, Long time reader although I seldom post but I do appreciate the help you all provide to the rest of us. I have two cabins booked for the Transpacific leaving Sydney in April next year. A Junior Suite and an Owners Suite. Long story short our adult children were coming and now they have decided they won't be. Therefore I have to cancel one of them and I'm wondering whether the perks of the OS are worth the considerable extra money, or we keep the JS. We've only been on Voyager and Explorer before so the Ovation is a new experience for us and I'm not quite sure on some of the differences. Hopefully you can help with the questions below. :) 1. Theatre/shows - I was under the impression that they had to be pre-booked but a Cruise Compass I found online out of Sydney says only Pixels needs to be booked? 2. If they do require booking, if we keep the OS can we just go in and sit anywhere in the theatre or do we have to sit in the gold reserved seats? (we preferred to sit elsewhere on Voyager class). 3. Diamond breakfast - is there an area/restaurant for Diamond level breakfast? 4. Concierge Lounge - are there any drinks during the day available, apart from happy hour? (We are Diamond level so would have access to the DL anyway, but just want to know for comparison.) 5. I know CK is only for dinner for JS guests - is it realistically available? It seems to be one of the perks that suite guests seem to really appreciate. Any other differences anyone thinks I should take into account? Appreciate any and all help as I want to make the decision soon. Cheers and thanks!
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