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  1. Thank you to everyone for your help. I guess I will find myself a travel agent!
  2. Should add, our first cruise--most expensive with less benefits through a TA. next few I booked myself through different sites. Not sure anymore??
  3. Sorry, this might be an old question but who gives the better deals? Travel agents or Norwegian directly? Getting different prices when I google.
  4. Hi, is it just me or are the "30% off prices" for future cruises now at least 30% (or more) higher than they were pre-covid?
  5. Good Morning fellow Cruisecritic members. Firstly, I would like to say that I apologize if I upset anyone for posing the question regarding this sailing---I am a 60 year old living alone and was patiently (not) waiting for the results of my Covid19 test and wanting to see if anyone else was experiencing the symptoms I was. Sorry, not to fearmonger. I am happy to say that my test results came back negative so-yes- you can have symptoms and it be a different virus/cold/flu. If nothing else, hopefully this eases someone else's concerns but please, still be vigilant. We know that not every test comes back negative! thank you.
  6. I certainly will--should know by early tomorrow. I have had all the same symptoms you mention but with no fever as well . I have been in self isolation since I returned home last Sunday. I will post results as soon as I receive them. Take care.
  7. Thanks, I am symptomatic, have had the test done, and waiting for the results. ((The reason I asked the question Lol). Hopefully everything works out.
  8. Thank you though Katie, interesting read---did not know this!
  9. I was on this cruise on the Norwegian Escape. Anybody having any Covid19 symptoms
  10. Thank you everyone for the responses---I can take the cooler/cold weather, , was just worried about huge storms, waves etc. Nobody mentioned those LOL. (( Not for seasickness, just fear))
  11. Hi, looking at booking a transatlantic from New York to London in April, 2021. I know we can't predict the weather, just wondering what people's experiences have been.
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