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  1. bought from CVS today 20$ per test plus tax (free shipment(
  2. Just got off holding one and a half hours for the casino department and was able to change my New Orleans cruise on 26 to Galveston on 25 Just did not feel right about leaving from NO. Also FCF was cancelled which was the main reason to sail NO .
  3. First Monterey was cancelled and they added a day in San Francisco Now Santa Barbara What are they going to do. Are there any more ports they can stop at?
  4. Have a cruise going out on 26. Wish they would let me switch to one going out of Galveston. Just don't think they will sail this cruise either
  5. River traffic is back to normal. Problem is no power. Can't believe power will not be back up by next week. Am certain come next week ship will be sailing.
  6. Yes this is crazy!!! Why are they taking on the liability of allowing people with a medical condition preventing a cruise. For that matter why would they want to cruise
  7. Glad to hear this wish they would do it to all non vax.
  8. I continue to believe this is a go fund me account scam. I have found no trusted source of this story. I sent this story to a friend at a Houston news paper and she tried to track it down also to no avail.
  9. Wow now a blogger is a source. Can not believe national news has not picket up if true. Can anyone show me such a source. Perhaps that is why CC is kicking these discussions off the BB.
  10. Yes! Yes! Holland America a Carnival Company already requires this.
  11. Why would you even consider taking a young child on a cruise when the camps, sitting services and special events are closed to you and you can only go on bubble tours?
  12. Anyone receive a casino promotion since they have started only sending them out by e mail???
  13. Anyone receive a casino promotion since they have started only sending them out by e mail???
  14. We were at end forward of deck six and this was covid isolation area. Noticed one couple leaving area who were sent there but released after two days nurse said there were no cases on second to last day of cruise
  15. Back from cruise and could only read part. My comments Loved New menu (Great fish choices each night lamb and beef great) BB King night club, cruise director, stops except icy point, crew almost all were the best of the best from HA. Love not allowing kids under 12 on cruise. RCL cruise that ported with us at one of the stops had over 450 with most not having covid shots. Hated woman servers were not allowed to serve in dining room, McDonald style potato square with all breakfast items. corned beef hash is the worst ever tasted out of can would of been better, dance show first time was great because of all of the special effects second / third was rehash of first. Need to drop these dance reviews and go back to elaborate production numbers other cruise lines do. Cost cutting and excessive pricing for drinks and food items (almost 10$ for shrimp cocktail on menu when tip is included) happy hour pricing is now only 25 percent off each drink. Also noted reduction in service in both dining room and cabins yet they have increased tip price
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