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  1. I was on the Sunrise in June. Had a great time. Food was good in MDR except for one dinner I wasn't crazy about - the meat lasagna because it had too much meat in it and it overwhelmed the noodles. Others may like it that way. Went to the Lido 3 times . There was a line but it went quickly and we did get seats. The cakes there were fantastic, better than MDR. Had lunch at Guy's Burgers 3 times and longest wait was about 4 minutes and that was right after it opened. The burgers and french fries were great. Staff and fellow cruisers were all very nice. The most congested place was by Guy's burgers. There is an area when you leave Guys and go towards the ice cream that is very narrow. The pools were packed. If you want to swim it was not crowded around 8:00 AM. Maybe there were other times they were OK too but not during the day. Shows were good. We didn't go to comedy club so I can't comment on that or any late night activities. Also, I don't know about children and teen activities. So, as I said we had a good time. Was it perfect - no, nothing is but I felt it was very similar to other cruises I've taken - 4 on Carnival and 1 on Holland.
  2. We were there in June on the Sunrise. Great photos- thanks.
  3. I used a rollator walker in June both on the bus and ferry (broke the old hip). The ferry operators were wonderful. They had me (and my husband) go over to the side of the dock with another person who was in a wheelchair. They let us board before anyone else. We did not ask for this - they came up to us. No problem on the bus either, my husband just folded it up and towards the middle of the bus there was a wider area with a fold down seat that was perfect to put the walker. The rolling walker is larger than the one with the two wheels only in the front so that one would be even easier to bring. Enjoy your trip.
  4. Thank you for the photos of Ireland. My father was from Sneem so it was lovely to see the photo of the sign and surrounding area.
  5. Charles, Thank you for the update. Your video was a beautiful tribute to Judy.
  6. You gave me a good laugh. I too live in NYC so I know what you mean. We are not big drinkers. Happy with Yellow Tail wines and Bacardi and coke so I think we will do OK. Although I do understand having the upper shelf - our sons gave a a GC to Balthalzar restaurant in Manhattan and I had a NY Whiskey Sour and it was fantastic. $16!!! but it was really good
  7. Thanks for the review. I have never sailed on NCL. Most of my cruises have been on Carnival, one on Holland and will be trying MSC this year.
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