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  1. Given the times, now seems like a good time to ask if everyone thinks this benefit will be renewed in the future? Right now, the shareholder benefit is valid until July 2021, with bookings made prior to February 2021. Given the company's financial standing, who thinks they'll continue to extend this benefit for years to come? I'm 24 y/o and considering investing for the first time. My MBA education tells me to buy low, sell high, but I'm so afraid CCL Corp will claim chapter 11 bankruptcy. However, once cruising starts up again (at some point it will), it could be quite the investment, especially since I love to cruise lol.
  2. My friends and I, four total, are planning a college reunion cruise this June on Indy from Fort Lauderdale. I've been on several cruises, so I generally know how they work, but I did have a question about onboard accounts. We plan to book connecting rooms, two to each room, so when we go to set up onboard accounts, can we all assign our own credit cards to our respective SeaPass card? Again, this would be four separate credit cards. Similar situation when booking, can we split the deposit four ways or no? TIA! Any additional advice when cruise with friends, the logistics and all, is much appreciated.
  3. Was really looking forward to doing this on our May 23rd sailing aboard Anthem of the Seas. Unfortunately, the coaster was out of service and it was cloudy spitting rain. Nonetheless, we tried to make the best of it by sitting in our loungers drinking labadoozies.
  4. Do you have to buy a ticket beforehand? Or, can you use exact fare when boarding the ferry?
  5. Wait... How is NCL, Celebrity, and Anthem all leaving for Bermuda today? How are they going to dock? Are they sailing in on different days?
  6. Hi, Jenn! Will you please report back if the Northstar is working on your sailing? We're on the 5/23 voyage after you! Above all, have a great time 🙂 I feel for you all, but I know you'll have a great time.
  7. Could this mean rough seas for the 5/23 sailing? I'm so worried this is going to turn into something. However, if I'm reading it correctly, it looks like it will be dissipated by Thursday?
  8. Thanks, everyone. I tweeted James Van Fleet and he says that he does not see cause for concern. However, I think we can all agree, your mind goes in a million different directions when this is forecasted just before your vacation.
  9. Thanks for your insight. We can handle rough seas, I guess we're more concerned with having sun and not clouds, wind, and rain. I know, I'm fighting a battle I have no control over.
  10. I'm no weather guru and was wondering everyone's opinion on this; what does the below information mean for those sailing on the 5/23 voyage of Anthem of the Seas to Bermuda and the Caribbean? Could we encounter rough seas on our way from Cape Liberty to Bermuda? Will the Captain sail around? The forecast for all islands (Bermuda, St. Maarten, San Juan, and Labadee) are calling for cloudy and rain! It's been a while since I've researched the forecasts for the Caribbean, but I'm hoping this is just typical?
  11. Can you use this email to request a window table for three if you have MTD at the same time every night? I guess I'm not so concerned with the window view, but definitely the table for three. *Also, we're seven days out; is it too soon to email?
  12. Thanks for the review, I always enjoy them. We're headed out on Anthem of the Seas on a completely different itinerary (Bermuda, St. Maarten, San Juan, and Labadee) in just under three weeks, but your review is definitely pasings by the time that seems like it's dragging lol.
  13. Is there someone on the beach to set this up? Or, do you have to go in the hotel?
  14. So, I assume this included three loungers? Someone mentioned they had everything set up in sets of two.
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