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  1. Someone posted the Cruise Compasses from their Harmony cruise last month. It said the Snack Shack opens at 10:30 and the Chill Grill and Skippers Grill open at 11:00. I haven't been there yet, just reporting what I read.
  2. On a cruise to Nassau I fell and fractured my hip requiring surgery there. The hospital required a $1000 to be admitted. My travel insurance covered an air ambulance home. The hospital and the various doctors sent their bills to my home. My Medicare Advantage plan covered the expenses. The reimbursement money was sent to me and I then paid the hospital and doctors in Nassau. This was just my experience.
  3. Love the door decorations. We always decorate ours. Love to see people doing it. Thanks for doing this review. We will be on Navigator on March 29th so this will be helpful.
  4. Outstanding photos and excellent information. Thanks so much for taking the time to post all this. We are boarding Navigator on March 29th. Super excited to see all this in person.
  5. Thanks so much for still taking the time to post on your cruise. I really enjoyed it.
  6. I don't know what the recommendations would be. All I can give you is what happened to me in the Bahamas last November. I fell in Nassau Bahamas and broke my hip requiring surgery which I had there. I was then flown back to Jacksonville Florida by air ambulance. It cost $13,000. I had $25,000 on medical evacuation coverage. This was a last minute cruise and I had just paid for cruise line insurance. Before I always have gotten third party insurance for ports further away. As most people suggest, talk to a third party insurance person to get best advice. My Humana Medicare plan pays for out of country medical costs so also check with your plan. That may help you decide on insurance coverage limits.
  7. Last year we bought the Royal Caribbean insurance for a last minute 4 day cruise. We usually buy insurance from a third party for our other cruises. This short cruise it just seemed easier to get cruise line insurance. I fell in Nassau on that short cruise and fractured my hip requiring surgery there. I was flown in an air ambulance back to Jacksonville. I submitted my medical bills to my insurance here and what they didn't pay the cruise line insurance paid. The travel insurance was very easy to work with and paid the claims promptly. The limits that they cover are low so on a longer cruise I would look into third party insurance that has greater limits. Everyone's needs are different.
  8. Always enjoy your cruise reviews. Thanks for taking the time to do them. I missed the Alaska review and will have to go back and look for it. I guess I have just been concentrating on Caribbean reviews since that is where my next cruise goes.
  9. Loved your review as always. Thanks for the info on the Tiki Bar. Can't wait to have a drink or two there.
  10. Loved it all. The review, the humor, the food porn, the stunning photos. Always look forward to your next cruise.
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