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  1. If you own CCL stock you will receive the shareholder benefit for both cruises.
  2. My wife and I have decided that based upon the DeSantis vaccine passport ban it is simply not worth boarding a cruise ship out of Florida and today we decided to cancel our 11/6/21 cruise on the Crown Princess. We will spend our vacation money on Princess Cruises that depart ports in Seattle, LA, and NYC where we will gladly show our vaccine cards. The next time we have any plans to depart Port Everglades is May 2023 on a transatlantic cruise to Iceland.
  3. Yellow status means the ship has met the threshold for CDC investigation because the ship has met one of the following criteria: at or above the investigation threshold for crew COVID-19 cases, at or above the investigation threshold for passenger COVID-19 cases; or state or local health department notified CDC of passenger COVID-19 cases occurring within 5 days of disembarkation.
  4. Princess is prohibited from selling PVP thanks to a decision by the NYS Department of Finance. I sent an email to my Assemblyman along with a copy of the email I received from Princess and he is now making an inquiry to the head of the Department of Finance with regards to why NYS is the only state in the country that took such action. https://www.forbes.com/sites/irenelevine/2020/03/08/governor-announces-change-in-new-york-state-travel-insurance-policy/?sh=2d22f4c21281
  5. and CDC has started an investigation. Does not sound like good news for a cruise ship that supposed to depart Seattle in four days.
  6. It definitely has nothing to do with the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA). Having spent most of my law federal law enforcement career conducting health care fraud investigations there is much confusion about the HIPAA privacy rules which provide protections for your individually identifiable health information that is held by “health care providers and health plans and their business associates.” The HIPAA privacy rules set forth how and with whom your health information can be shared with and it basically prohibits anyone in the health care industry f
  7. I received this from my Princess Cruise Vacation Planner this morning: ‘If you received an email about downloading the NHS app please disregard it. That app is for UK residents.”
  8. Opinion of maritime lawyer Jim Walker regarding the authority of the CDC: The Public Health Service Act (“PHSA”) has long been shown to consolidate and codify the federal government’s “basic authority to make regulations to prevent the spread of [communicable] disease into this country or between the States.” The Federal statute authorizes the CDC “to make and enforce such regulations as in [the Secretary’s] judgment are necessary to prevent the introduction, transmission, or spread of communicable diseases from foreign countries into the States or possessions, or from one State or
  9. My wife and I have been able to access the app and upload the required passport & COVID19 vaccine cards for our upcoming cruises on August 29th and November 6th. The item I am waiting for is selecting an arrival time our cruise in November. In addition I have also been able to complete the required travel checklist for all of our other cruises in 2022 and 2023. The app seems to be working just fine on my iPhone 12.
  10. Our English Springer Spaniel got sick prior to a cruise several years ago and it was very easy to file a claim and receive a credit under the “cancel for any reason” clause.
  11. For any New York State resident who was recently informed we can no longer purchase Princess Vacation Protection (PVP) please consider sending an email complaint to State Assemblyman and State Senator along with Governor Cuomo. I find it ridiculous that New York is the only state in the country prohibiting its residents from us from purchasing PVP. With 24 hours of sending an email I received a reply from my Assemblyman this morning stating he was looking into this matter and that a representative from the NYS Department of Finance would contact me within two business days to discu
  12. Thank you for the information. I will keep checking the app and website.
  13. I have always used the free internet minutes on past cruises but with the recent Captain Circle changes I need to purchase an internet package. I have not been able to find any information on how to purchase it for our upcoming cruise to Alaska. Hoping for some information.
  14. I went into the Medallion app yesterday and under “health status” I answered a series of questions and then took a photo/uploaded of my CDC COVID-19 vaccine card to show proof of vaccination.
  15. I has able to book Europe 2023 online at 8:00 AM - EST.
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