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  1. Thanks for your reply. I was getting a little worried that no midnight party would be held. My husband and I and two other couples always celebrate New Years together with dinner and dancing and wanted something different this year. We booked this cruise specifically for a New Years celebration [from Southern Spirit) quote=RGBFamily;57204867]We sailed the NA in 2016 over New years and the decorations were still up until about January 2 and poof they were gone! New Years had a "party" in the lido area that went past midnight. Also a special dinner was served, however I don't remember the details of it. It was the liveliest night of the 10 night sailing. Oh and I think there was something special during the day, so summary is, they do fun stuff and gave out party hats.
  2. We will be sailing on the Nieuw Amsterdam Dec. 30, 2018 to-Jan. 6, 2019. What kind of decoration and festivities do they do for New Years and New Year's Eve?
  3. To FredT and Jane Cambridge Thank you both, so very much, for your excellent tips. It helps so much to have info from those who have been there!! We leave in the morning and are really looking forward to it. Really appreciated your help. Southern Spirit
  4. FredT Just relaxing sounds good to me too. Still wonder if we need local currency change for taxis, etc. Arr ATM's plentiful? Oh, I heard you can climb the mast on Royal Clipper. Is this true? If so, do you have a harness attached to you? Southern Spirit
  5. Thank you Jane Cambridge and FredT for your info. We have cabin 242 on the Clipper deck. Yes, I'd be interested in your dining tip. Another question: what kind of currency should take? Are U.S. dollars accepted everywhere, i or do we need euros or Bahamian money? Are ATM's available? We will also be in a Barbados hotel for 2 nights pre trip. Any suggestions what to do there? Should we rent a car? Southern Spirit
  6. FredT Thanks for your reply and such positive comments. What itinerary were you on? We are headed to the Windward Isles: starting in Barbados, then on to St Lucia, Dominica, Antigua, Saint Kitts, Les Saints, Martinique, and back to Barbados. If you have visited those islands, what are the '"must sees/must dos" of each? Are locals tour guides available when we get off the boat, or do we need to sign up for the RC's excursions? Southern Spirit
  7. Although we are not new to cruising, this is our first Clipper cruise. In the past, we have enjoyed meeting others through Cruise Critic roll calls and planning excursions with them. However, I do not see a Roll Call for the Star Clipper cruise ships. Is anyone reading this post going to be on this sailing with us? We are Susan and Bill from Florida
  8. Thank you for the quick reply and information. Who knew a point and shoot camera could take such good pictures; guess you are just skilled. As they say, "Its not the arrow, its the Indian. I'm new to Cruise Critic, so didn't know how to respond directly to your reply. Hope you get this. One other question. Do you have a preference between the Eurodam and the Ryndam?
  9. Dave, Your pictures are really professional. What type camera(s) did you use on your Eurodam Norway/Artic trip? I plan a similar cruise next summer and wonder what lenses and equipment would be best to take? I'd appreciate any any tips you can give me. Also, I am debating whether to take an August 8-27 cruise or one from May 10-31. Is the rain you experienced typical for August? Do you know if the May date would have less clouds and rain?
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