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  1. Any other reviews of this company? We are interested in them as well.
  2. What are my options to get from Cruise port to Rum Beach Point? Is there a bus? Taxi?
  3. Ok. Wonderful ~ I contact her! Anyone else have a good Malta experience?
  4. Wow, that sounds amazing. Thank you! How large was your group?
  5. I am looking for a shared/small group shore excursion that visits the above mentioned two places. I've seen some very expensive private ones, but not much else. Anyone have any suggestions for us? Thanks in advance!
  6. No doubt the increase in popularity of cruise traffic has an impact on many places. Venice is also being damaged by the large ships coming into port. Until countries start to limit the number of ships, not much can be done. I was in CT last July ( on a land vacay, not cruise) and I didn't find it to be crazy crowded. But I've lived in/around LA/NYC, so it's all relative I guess. lol Due to the internet, travel blogs and low airline costs, travel has increased almost everywhere. Land, cruise, tour, train, it's all increasing. We are a more global world than ever before. Popular places get instagrammed and boom! So, there are positives and negatives. But it's here to stay if I had to guess!
  7. Thank you for your replies. I have been to Florence, Pisa and CT before. I think CT is darling and what we wish to do for our day at port. Our port was supposed to be La Spezia and was then changed to Livorno sadly. It makes it more difficult to get to CT easily. But it can be done. Our cruise ship is not offering an excursion. We are in port for 12 hours, so we should have plenty of time. I think we are looking for a driver to simplify the day. I have no desire to rent a car or take a train this time.
  8. Thanks. I just checked them out and they don't appear to offer a trip to CT. Anyone else have any company suggestions?
  9. Hi all, I am looking for a share excursion or semi-private tour from Livorno port to Cinque Terre. Can anyone recommend a company they have had experience with? Thank you in advance!!
  10. It can be done, but I personally wouldn't feel comfortable with it. You also need to mail your passport to Russia many months in advance to get your Visa I believe and it might cost as much as a tour anyways.
  11. Not planning on any Rubles. Paid for tour in US credit card and meal in included. Any extra purchases will be credit card or euros.
  12. We booked Alla tours. They don't require any prepayment, so there is no harm booking early.
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