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  1. I received my Cheers package but not my cruise fare or port taxes for my March 22 cruise. Just the opposite of you! Go figure!
  2. If that is the way they are handling things, that makes sense to me. I’ll just try to be patient. You are right, all any of us can do is guess😄
  3. I doubt it because I received my. Cheers package refund two weeks ago but no cruise refund or port/taxes refund. If one employee was handling my case, why would they only credit my Cheers?
  4. I see some April cruises are starting to be refunded. I’m still waiting for my March 22 refund. So I’m not sure they are going by sail date. Why would they start April when March cruise still need refunded. My dad and sister haven’t received their March 23 refund yet either.
  5. I received my Cheers payment of $852 today, along with my port and government taxes for my March 22nd cruise. Still waiting on the cruise fare to be refunded to my card. I am also still waiting for refunds for my B2B May 25/June 3 cruises.
  6. I’m pretty sure that if you are being held off the ship due to your diabetes, you old get 100% refund. Here is the letter they sent us about being over 70 years old. I’m sure you would of gotten the same offer (or would get this letter before sailing) your July cruise.
  7. im booked on the Sunrise May 25th as well. Just talked to my PVP and she said they haven’t cancelled yet, but it was not looking good. I’m actually booked on B2B with the June 3rd Sunrise cruise too.
  8. Has anyone had success with their credit card company reversing the charges? I know the window to do that is rapidly closing for me. I’ve never disputed a charge on m6 credit card but I have $8,000 tied up in three different cruises. March, May and June 2020.
  9. Yes, my father was on that cruise. He had such a bad cough/ respiratory issue he self quarantined himself in his cabin the last few days. He hesitated going to ships doctor because he didn’t want to be flown off in a third world country like Equador. He just wanted to get back to the USA. Of course, we didn’t even think corona virus then, as it was just starting up in the states. He was so sick when he got home I took him straight to the ER. He tested negative for the flu, but was hospitalized for almost a week. Thinking back, didn't the Joy come from China? It was moved b
  10. cruise lines are not included in the stimulus package that is in the Senate now. Ships are registered with foreign countries and most of 5he crew are foreign as well.
  11. Would the ship you were on be the Joy, 16 day cruise out of Los Angeles? My father came home very sick from that cruise and was immediately hospitalized with double pneumonia. I think he got off ship on agency 2nd. Emergency Room said the same thing, he didn’t meet the criteria for corona testing, although finding out now Ohio didn’t even have test for corona then. He texted negative for flu. He spent 6 days in the hospital. I remember him saying he had no smell nor could he taste his food. He is 82 years old and lost 20 lbs. on a 16 day cruise. He did say 3-4 people were life flighted off,
  12. Just received an email last night saying the Port of Baltimore was closed. They said they are waiting to hear back from port officials on how long they expect the port to remain closed. They will provide us with an update by Wed. March 18th 2020. We cruise on March 22nd. Hoping they just keep the port closed. We were going to try to cruise regardless, but this is just getting too much!
  13. My father is definitely not going. Now we have to decide if the rest of us want to go. Only thing is we did get a letter from Carnival saying the Port of Baltimore was closed until March 18th and we sail March 22nd. Just one more thing to think about/worry about!
  14. I saw on John Heald's Facebook page that over 70 years old needed a doctors "ok to sail" form after meeting requirements. We sail in 9 days and still have not received this letter from Carnival. If I didn't happen to see this on Facebook, we probably would not know until we showed up at the port to board. My father is 82 with heart and lung issues.
  15. But isn't the problem with airplanes that the air is re-circulated? Doesn't matter if someone is next to you or 10 seat away, you are all breathing the same air. I'm not totally sure about this, just what I've been led to believe.
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