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  1. Where will the Sunrise be from today until Monday morning when we sail? Will it just stay in port or go on a 2-3 day cruise?
  2. My uncle lived in Miami and we would go visit him every summer. As a form of entertainment, he would take us all down to the cruise port and we would board a ship that was sailing that afternoon. We walked around, had little finger sandwiches and punch (for free! always excited us as kids). Then they would blow the horn to let everyone that was not sailing it was time to get off the ship. We didn't even know anyone sailing, just went down to the pier for something to do and see how the other half lived! My first cruise in 1978 there was only a breakfast, lunch and dinner seating (early and late). If you missed your assigned time, you didn't eat until the next meal time. No Lido deck buffet, nothing to snack on at all, although they did have a midnight buffet. Also remember at the "Captains Party" the captain shook hands with each guest as we entered the lounge. Free drinks at that party were whiskey sours, martinis and wine. Dinning room food seemed so much better back then. Maybe it is just a case of nostalgia. They had a lobster thermidor that I still remember to this day! Breakfast started out with a half of a pineapple, sliced but still sitting on the shell. So sweet and fresh when all I'd ever had was canned pineapple up until that point.
  3. I stand corrected, it was Grand Turk that we missed. Regardless, Carnival compensated us well for missing a port. NCL, not so much.
  4. That is strange that it showed your on-line check in complete when you never went back in to update your Passport information. Earlier in the year, I waited to enter my passport info until I could go home and dig it up. Two weeks later it was still 80% complete, waiting for me to go in and update my passport. Maybe Carnival has a way of seeing if you cruised previously, they now fill in that info for you.
  5. Thanks for the information! Can't wait to try it!
  6. What exactly is Lucky Bowl? I've never seen a Lucky Bowl on any of the Carnival ships I've been on. Is it at the buffet? or separate like the Seafood Shack? Just curious what other kinds of food they offer.
  7. You are 100% wrong! I've said out of NYC: Carnival Splendor - 2014 - Cheers drinks WERE included on first day (drinks charged then took off later) NCL Breakaway - 2016 - drink package good for first day NCL Breakaway - 2017 - drink package good for first day NCL Breakaway - 2018 - drink package good for first day Carnival Horizon - 2018 - Cheers package NOT good for first day, they only charged 7 days instead of 8 for pkg. NCL Escape - 2019 - drink package good for first day Carnival definitely did include drinks on first day of Cheers as far back as 2014. No urban legend!
  8. I will second that Stick93! I also sailed out of NYC on 2011 and 2014 and both times we could use the Cheers package the first day. Like you said, they just took the drinks charged that day off the bill. I also sailed out of NYC on the Horizon last year and they would not let the drink package start until the next morning. Granted, they didn't charge for the first day either. It was an 8 day cruise and I paid for 7 days of drink package. I've also sailed out of NYC on NCL 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 and was able to use the drink package on the first day, just paid the sales tax. It is possible for Carnival to do it, unfortunately they just choose not to.
  9. On Carnival you have to wait until the day after sailing. We just got off NCL and they let us have package drinks as soon as we got on.
  10. Sorry, but I don't believe you either. If you have Cheers and are on the ship and "pay" for a couple drinks during the day (instead of asking them to be charged to your CHEERS) those drink you pay for do not count against your 15. People do this all the time, when they reach 14 drinks, they just pay for drinks so as not to reach their 15 on CHEERS. Once you reach your 15 "FREE/included in package" drinks, then you are cut off. If you start buying drinks at 14, you can drink 10 more if you want, until you order that last 1 on the package. Once you hit 15 included drinks, then you are cut off. What is the difference if you buy 3 drinks on the island or buy 3 drinks on the ship? Neither will count against your 15 package drinks.
  11. I totally agree on the "Quality over Quantity"! If they are spending the money for the ingredients, it's not that hard to make the food taste good!
  12. Looks like Carnival fixed the wording on the website! No mention of soft drink package.
  13. GoPort Canaveral is wonderful!
  14. I totally agree about the comedians! Terrible, terrible. And not just on the Escape (which we just got off last month), but we were on the Breakaway out of NYC the three previous years and all four cruises the comedians were really bad. That is one thing Carnival has over NCL. Carnival usually has great stand up routines, and they fly new comedians in half way through the cruise. That really gives a variety of comedians.
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