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  1. it's a bummer to learn that escargots may not be available! I am not a frequent cruise traveler but have taken cruise since over 10 years ago. It is sad to see food service kept declining in all these years.
  2. Thank you! I didn't realize this was a port rule. Will surely follow that!
  3. Thank you! On #3, do you mean on the disembarking day or any port day? On our previous cruises with other lines, we've always been able to take breakfast items on-the-go for a quick port day start. Some lines don't have packed sandwiches though so we have to take bakery and fruits which are less convenient.
  4. Boarding Volendam for 7 night Alaska cruise soon! Super excited! Now, I am a big fan of the escargots, which I believe are only on the menu of one of the Gala nights (which one?). But I've read on this forum that you can request Escargot on the first night and your server can bring it every night afterwards. Is that still true? Also, we have anytime dining, which means different server every night. Does that make a difference? A couple other last minute questions: 1. I've always avoided doing laundry on a ship, but this time I may have to do it. Do the laundry machines accept key cards for charges or quarters only? 2. We are travelling with a toddler's carseat and stroller. Can we drop off these items with rest of luggage at check in to be delivered to our stateroom? 3. For breakfast, are there grab and go sandwiches we can conveniently take with us to the port? Want to maximize our time at port and start our days faster! 4. Lunch at MDR vs lunch at the buffet, do they serve the same things? I know some cruise lines do but some serve better items at MDR.
  5. Thanks Ruth! That’s exactly what I am worried about. My mom may get too tired if we try to do both. May I ask when you did the Tracy arm, at about what time did you get back to cruise ship? And realistically when will we be able to walk out relaxed and wihout feeling rushed? My parents are very much scenery people, so I am assuming they may enjoy Tracy arm better than the helicopter. If that’s the case, we may just relax around town and maybe take the tramway.
  6. Hi! We are sailing on the volendam ship 8/7 this summer. Before arriving in Juneau, we want to do the Tracy arm inlet excursion, which is 6 hours. According to the schedule, this will put us in Juneau 3:30 ish. And my understanding is we need to go back to the cruise ship before heading out to Juneau. say we get changed, grab a quick bite, the go off cruise ship, walk to the tramway station, etc. Does that give us enough time to get to a 5:15pm helicopter tour? I am traveling with elderly parents so don’t want to rush them. Other option is 6:15pm helicopter tour, but I’d prefer the earlier time hopefully for better lighting and not worrying about getting back to ship. Or should we just chill and not try to squeeze too much to one day? Advice?
  7. I called HAL and they told me it is ok to send her while we are on excursion. Now I am confused. Is there any official document from HAL I can check? Thanks!
  8. Just booked on our August Volendam Alaska cruise. So excited! I am looking at excursions now and the one thing I know I have to do is the Tracy Arm. I am travelling with my 3 year old daughter. I am planning to send her to the kids club for some part of my trip. So on the Tracy Arm day, the excursion leaves at 9am and get back around 3-4 I believe. I have read kids club instructions and it says on port days the hours is 8am to 4pm. Does that make it feasible for me to send her to the club before leaving for excursion? This would save me >$200 and she can probably have more fun as well. Have anyone done this? I am worried if I book the excursion without her and she is not able to go to the club, then the entire day will be ruined. I have never been on a HAL cruise so not sure how kids club works. Do I need to register before I go or just show up at the club at 8am in the morning? Thanks!
  9. I am traveling on a budget and the only cheap options are the lower prom staterooms. Thanks for all the advices above! We ended up picking room 3415 and 3417 in the aft section. So excited! now it is time to book excursions. I want to do the Tracy Arm Inlet excursion. But we are traveling with my 3 year old daughter. The excursion leaves at 9am in the morning. Dies that give me enough time to send her to the kids club and then go on the excursion? I have read reviews says a 3 year old would not be able to enjoy the excursion.
  10. Booking an Alaska cruise on volendam this summer. I need connecting rooms so the cheapest choice is obstructed ocean view on lower prom deck. I have looked up the deck plan and read reviews. So here are my options: 1. Two partially obstructed rooms in the front of the ship. Question: is the ship’s bow accessible all the time for scenic viewing? Or only during the glacier bay day? I would want to choose the front rooms if I can be on the bow all the time. 2. One partially obstructed room plus one fully obstructed room in the aft section. I saw pictures with nice chairs at the very back of the ship, looks nice for scenic viewing. If ship’s bow is not accessible then I am leaning towards this option. Also, does port side vs starboard side make any difference? Thanks much!
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