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  1. Thank you. Do you know the price to rent lounge chairs and umbrellas? I didn’t see a price quote on the form. You are such a help to everyone on this board.
  2. Do they have a website in English? I would like to book but can’t read Italian. Thank you
  3. Thanks for the answers. Not going to bid now because the spa passes are important to us.
  4. We are currently booked in a spa mini suite for a cruise on the Epic 8/18. If I bid on a Haven two bedroom suite will we still get to keep the spa access? We have three people in the cabin. Thanks
  5. We embark in Barcelona. I already booked our shows. When I checked online for dining reservations earlier the only times listed were for 5:30 or 8:30. One was way too early and the other too late.
  6. New to Norwegian, many cruises on other lines. We have the three night dining package on our upcoming Mediterranean cruise on the Epic 8/18. None of the specialty restaurants show availability. I am worried my package may be useless. Will there be spots available if we rush to sign up immediately upon embarking? We never had this much trouble on Royal Caribbean, Celebrity or Disney. Worried 😟 Also how difficult is it to get into the main dining rooms without a reservation? Making a reservation every night kind of negates the concept of Freestyle.
  7. Today on the Horizon the main dining room stopped serving at 8:30 and the lido buffet at 9:30. You had to be out of your cabin by 8:30.
  8. We asked guest services and told them we wanted to be off at 8:30. They assured us that zone six should be off by 8:15. We have cruised over 40 times including very large Oasis class ships on Royal Caribbean. 18 times on Carnival. Never has zone six been this late except one time when there was a pier issue. We love the fun and food on Carnival but Royal Caaribbean handles debarcation much smoother.
  9. Just off the Horizon this morning. Longest debarcation ever. We are platinum so we could have had priority debarcation. We originally had luggage tag 3 but in our past cruises that was usually around 7:30–8:00 and we didn’t need to be off that early. Yesterday we told guest services that we wanted off around 8:30 so they said we should take number 6. Well, this morning number six wasn’t called until 9:45😬. No explanation except too many people going to deck three before being called. There should be a system where passengers have to show their zone number before getting in line to debark. We got in line when numbers 6-10 were called. When we got in the terminal we saw people gathering luggage with zone 20 on their suitcases. Messed up.
  10. I haven’t cruised with Carnival since the selection started but we will pick both on our cruise Saturday on the Horizon. We like our bed made in the morning and clean towels and a tidied bathroom in the evening. We always tip our room stewards extra. They work incredibly hard. Carnival needs to provide more staff so they’re not so over worked.
  11. How do you get to the bus from the cruise terminal?
  12. We are on the April 6th Horizon . Can’t wait! In LaRomana we are doing the Seavis Saona special, in Curacao going on the west side tour through Irie Tours, in Aruba we bought a day pass for the Barcelo Grand all inclusive. We’ll just hang out in the pool and beach at Grand Turk. We’ve been on a land vacation to Aruba and there on a cruise. Love it but wish it wasn’t so windy.
  13. First time cruising on Norwegian. I know on Carnival and Disney they have self service laundry facilities. We’re cruising in the Mediterranean so we don’t want to pay large bag fees. Does the Epic have laundromats? Thanks
  14. How do you order the cards? When I go to the AARP website I don’t see anywhere to order gift cards? Thanks
  15. We’re veteran cruisers with many sailings on Carnival and Royal but cruising Norwegian for the first time in August. Sailing on the Epic to the Mediterranean. It’s for our 40 th anniversary and I was so excited but now starting to be nervous about my decision. I’ve never seen so much negativity toward a ship as the Epic gets here. What is it about the ship that so many dislike?
  16. We purchased day passes for our upcoming April cruise for the Barcelo Grand. It’s all inclusive with unlimited food , alcohol, towels , pool and beach chairs for $84.99 each. Aruba is very expensive and with food, a couple of drinks and chairs you could spend that easily.
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