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  1. Yes; we recently got all three.
  2. Plus, your butler can serve you room service from any of the restaurants (you can mix from any of the restaurants to make a special meal). We had our butler arrange a small cocktail party one night, arranged invites with our friends, with some items from Umi Uma and caviar service with well-iced vodka. Only had butler service once before on Celebrity, and thought it was “meh”. On Crystal the butler service left us with “wow”. The butler can help with packing/unpacking, although we prefer to do that ourselves.
  3. Hoping this brings back the Brits and Europeans who got canceled from the Ovation transatlantic from Lisbon on Nov 6th. This is great news!
  4. We arrived around 3pm; I heard similar experiences from people arriving in the afternoon, not sure about morning arrivals.
  5. FWIW, one regret we had from the recent (wonderful) time on Odyssey was not using an arrivals expediting service. When we first arrived there was a long line of people packed close together waiting to have health documents checked, took about 20 minutes or more to get through (despite being "in transit" to the ship we were told we still had to wait in that line). An expediting service would have avoided that line.
  6. Just returned from Odyssey, and the testing was done on Friday, with results the same day. The results form states it is nasopharangeal (sample site), nasal swap (specimen type), and was performed by a doctor. This met the U.S. requirement for flying out on Sunday (disembarkation day), as well as Barbados entry requirements. Not sure what the Canadian requirements are, but hope this helps.
  7. We just did 14 days on Odyssey and for same reason as you did the same day arrival. Booking flights with Seabourn got us a friendly and efficient transfer to ship; no regret on our first experience flying in same day as our cruise.
  8. So the prices listed are inclusive of airfare like always then. Thanks for clarifying.
  9. Apologies in advance, but I just went to the Regent website after a while of not being there and don't see any references to included airfare. Didn't see the credit listed at the bottom of itineraries if you decline the included air. Did things change?
  10. I'm going on the 9/20 sailing with two other couples. As of earlier this week when talking to Seabourn, there were only 35 staterooms booked on the ship! FWIW, we're onboard Odyssey this week and last week. We had about 80 last week, and this week it's around 120. Word from the crew is that mid-October onwards the passenger load goes up to 300 or more.
  11. Hi Liz - We went with StageZero for the nurse coming to our house, and we were happy overall with it. They were good at confirming the timing, the kits got to us a few days before the visit, and the nurse was friendly and quick in doing the tests. Only issue I've had with the Barbados requirements is they said "nasal swabs not accepted", yet none of the tests we've had (including StageZero) do any deep insertion to get the sample - it's all been a brief swab around the front of the nose, which is good from a comfort standpoint but not what we were expecting. Hope this helps! John
  12. This is a good move by Seabourn to make the Barbados entry policy more clear. We found it difficult to know for certain if the test provider meets the nasopharangeal/oropharangeal Barbados requirement - ones we reached out to were all doing the nasal swab that Barbados does not accept. FWIW, we are super happy on board this week; testing should not keep anyone away if they want to experience a lightly loaded/fully staffed Seabourn experience.
  13. I want to add my thanks as well - following your experience here on CC was a factor in us booking, and now that we are getting ready to leave tomorrow your information on processes/procedures in entering Barbados was very helpful! Thank you!! We ended up making sure we are following all the details closely; we went through StageZero for our nasopharyngeal test (the nurse came to our house yesterday, and we got our results today). We have copies of everything, as well as originals. So looking forward to being back onboard Seabourn on Sunday!
  14. While there were so many positives to our onboard experience in early July, the library and librarian really stood out. Great selection, and we both found new books we enjoyed getting through during the cruise. The librarian can also arrange tickets for the magician on board if you’re interested.
  15. Going into Barbados they only had economy available, so that’s what we booked. When the reservation was made, we were able to assign seats through the JetBlue website, no problem (better seats for a fee as well as seats in the back for free were both available). I don’t think we tried booking seats through FlightEase but directly on JetBlue website was no problem.
  16. We were booked in “Blue” through FlightEase for our Sept 5th sailing. Includes carry-on and seats, but no checked-in luggage.
  17. We’re Seabourn fans, but did the July 3rd Serenity sailing in a PH and came away very happy with the experience. I wouldn’t judge any differently than @whystayhome ; for us it was a chance to get a comparison point to Seabourn and it did just that. Seems like many are taking advantage of Crystal being close-to-home and well priced to check them out for the first time - great for rebuilding the customer base.
  18. +1 We booked for the Sept. 5th sailing, and decided on the same strategy. Minimizing time between arriving at airport and getting on the ship was the main factor.
  19. Borna - thank you so much for your posts and great information! You got us so ready to be back onboard Seabourn that we booked for the week of Sept 5th. Did you need your physical card at any point on the journey? We’ve been bringing ours on other trips but have never been asked for them (cellphone pics were the most we had to show).
  20. We're thinking (last minute) to jump on Odyssey, but wanting to make sure I'm understanding the PCR test requirements for entry into Barbados. I get tested regularly, and the reports say "COVID-19 RT-PCR/NAAT", but with an "anterior nares swab". My reading of the Barbados requirements suggest this would NOT be acceptable, because it needs to be a Nasopharyngeal or Oropharyngeal sample (not anterior nares). The options I see for getting that sort of test are relatively expensive, but if needed we will do it. Any comments/suggestions, or feedback on how big of a hassle this is? Thanks in advance.
  21. For some reason I thought you were in NJ - isn’t the beach wonderful there? Greece cruise sounds good from the weather perspective - Greece on land not as much!
  22. In our case, going on the July 3 Serenity sailing was only because it was a fully vaccinated cruise - and super happy we did it. We were blissfully ignorant in believing that fully vaccinated equaled mostly unable to get or spread COVID (if it happened it would be rare). Loved every minute of the cruise. The great onboard experience (mostly) made up for the incredibly poor pre-cruise communications. Since then what has changed is the growing concern that fully vaccinated people can be infected and could become “spreaders”. This issue exists everywhere. It now impacts any travel decisions we would take. If we’re correctly seeing this as “new facts on the ground”, it is not surprising that Crystal would also revise it’s plans with new information. Not sure if we’ll do another cruise or not right now, but would likely view fully vaccinated versus almost-all-vaccinated as not as big of a difference as before. Unlike before where we were happy to be on the first sailing, we’re going to wait and see what data comes from the early sailings under the new policy.
  23. FWIW, if you do chose to bring a jacket you won’t feel odd-man-out. On our July 3 sailing I wore one a few nights and didn’t feel out of place. Didn’t feel out of place the nights I did not as well.
  24. Yes, Air Canada is from the other terminal that hosts domestic and non-US international flights. There wasn’t a lounge open in that terminal (there was a Dunkin Donuts, duty free, and a couple of small shops open). Both the Crystal transfer team and the porters thought that Air Canada was in the US Departures terminal, so be aware that some people may point you in the wrong direction. Good news its not a long walk between terminals. FWIW, if you are connecting in Toronto to a US flight the Air Canada staff is very messed up. We were told (multiple times, even by someone who “double checked”) that we needed to go through Canadian Customs. What a waste of time. The Customs official had to get us specially escorted back into the connections area and despite the extra time we were able to get through US Customs and make the connection. Got the feeling that Air Canada is not ready for connecting flights to the US from other countries. PS: AC is much more restrictive than the US-based airlines from our experience. As the flight attendant told us (we were in first) because of the pandemic don’t expect good service. He set our expectations appropriately. Limited bev service, no picking up of trash or service items, needing to clean our space with wipes because they did not, harsh attitude, etc.
  25. Hi Keith, we opened the PDF attached to the email from the Bahamas government, and then did a screen capture on the phone so it would be more accessible in “photos”. We only had to show the photo version. When we showed it at the counter at Nassau Airport, the person checking us in initially thought it was the Bahamas travel visa and would not accept it (the color and graphics on it look very similar). We then asked her to read it more carefully, and upon seeing the testing date as July 9 and location as Crystal Serenity she relented and accepted it. Didn’t seem to matter that it was not printed out. Likewise, for US Immigrations they were fine with seeing the photo version.
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