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  1. This photo was taken on Sunday in England !
  2. BBC online news reported today that three cruise ships are due at King George V docks in Shieldhall next month. It goes on to state that all three will have around 40 crew, have been deep cleaned and are Covid free and also have been on the high seas for at least two weeks prior to arriving on the Clyde. The article also stated that requests had been made to lay up ships at Greenock but the local council oppose the idea.
  3. Personally not too concerned as only the deposit, we were only a few days from final payment. I was considering cancelling before payment due though.
  4. Our cruise to Alaska on Radiance June 5th is cancelled. There was an email in my inbox overnight - 125% FCC automatically issued in due course.
  5. Royal cancelled worldwide until May 11th now. There goes our Alaskan cruise as Canadian ports closed until end of June. 125% FCC automatically applied as per email received. Good luck to you all, especially those in USA as, in my opinion, Trump has his head in the sand with this ! No way are you going to be “open” at Easter but I don’t remember him saying what year so that’s maybe his get out of jail free card ! Stay safe.
  6. Sgmn - I have to agree 100% with you and I don’t understand the reasoning. Unfortunately regarding social distances it is the same problem the world over, the it doesn’t apply to me syndrome! You only had to watch the evening news on tv last night to heard some of the stupid statements folk were making to try and justify their actions. Costa Coffee just joined MacDonalds, Nando’s, John Lewis and Primark in announcing they are shutting up shop meantime. I guess it is just a matter of time before all non essential shops and businesses will be forced to close by the authorities.
  7. Here in UK all vulnerable people i.e. long term conditions, the over 70’s, pregnant women etc have been requested to stay at home for 12 weeks. All non essential travel to cease, restaurants, clubs and bars have been ordered to close indefinitely, further measures will undoubtedly be brought in with emergency legislation imminent. Worldwide over 300,000 cases and 13,000 deaths, both figures rising by the minute. I don’t want to scare you but these are all true facts (check for yourself if you want). This is not just a “flu” and will not go away in a few
  8. Fridjof Nansen berthed in Lerwick, Shetland. 26:02:2020
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