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  1. I've hired all kinds of drivers in my 25+ visits to Cozumel. Had some bad ones, had some good ones, but the best ones are the ones from Toursplaza! They even have a 20% off for the season...through the end of OCTOBER! http://www.toursplaza.com/eng/hiring-driver.cfm I highly recommend them! ~Stir
  2. http://www.toursplaza.com/eng/tours.cfm?ID=7
  3. Thanks! I will check out Tours Plaza to see if I can find it!
  4. Thanks for your reply, but that's not it. This one is by one of the tour companies on Cozumel, and no cooking is involved. Thanks again for your help!
  5. I've been away from cruising for several years due to illness in my family. My cousin is just back from a Galveston to Cozumel Cruise and had a blast on a new excursion. Problem is that she didn't set it up so I don't know which company offers it...A Dancing Tour. She said that they learned salsa and another Latin dance, had guac and chips, and drinks during the lesson. Anybody know who offers this tour?!? I'm planning my next cruise and really want to do this tour. Thanks! ~Stir
  6. thanks so much for your reviews! I'm sailing for the first time since March 2009, but have done 25+ cruises. Hadn't been to CC in a while and had no idea of where/who to book with anymore...sounds like Hiring a Driver for the Day is a well run company who hire competent drivers who please their customers. I'll get my booking in right now! Thanks again. ~Stir
  7. I've traveled to Cozumel about 20 times on cruise ships, and met the fellows from Tour Plaza many years ago. They are great guys and will definitely give you more than your money's worth. With their guarantee of returning your deposit if you do not dock in Cozumel for some reason, you have nothing to lose by booking with them online in advance of your trip. They will be there to pick you up, take you to the places you contracted to visit, and be professional, courteous, and safe drivers. You can count on a safe and great trip with the guys from Tour Plaza!
  8. Thanks for the clarification with John Heald. I've been away from CC for awhile and no cruises since Oct 2010, when I was Platinum. Thought from the mailing today that I was going back to Gold. Knew one of the fine members of CC could answer my question as to what's going on now! Thanks, ~Stir
  9. Stircrzy

    Playa Uvas

    We had a blast on the catamaran!! Then lunch, and a short...too short...massage. The massage is highly recommended!! We stuffed ourselves at lunch on cerviche, beef fajitas, and lots of margaritas!
  10. I brought mine in my checked luggage last week on the Ecstasy. No problems and I don't think my luggage was even opened.
  11. Lemme add a little more praise for Brad. He conducted a great cruise, even with Steve still aboard as one of the entertainment staff. It can not be easy to follow someone as well liked as Steve as CD. Brad is personable, and an excellent CD, I thought. He's not as "showy" as some I've had, but he did a great job, was often out and about on deck, and always seemed to have time to stop and shake a hand or answer a question. I was so disappointed that my brother would not get to hear Steve play the fiddle, so you can imagine my delight to find Steve aboard and sawing away at the Extreme Country show!!
  12. I think (hope) that was a fluke that happened to that poster. We had plenty of butter for our potatoes along with horseradish, sour cream, and real bacon bits!
  13. Not at all, Whimsie!! I had a party of 7, and two couples rounded out our table...of 11 instead of 12. All ladies were seated on one side of the table and the men on the other side. It was a great experience and one I am certain you will enjoy! Perhaps Mach can help you!
  14. Oh, LemurCat, this time was the easiest I've had~ I am Platinum, my daughter was in a suite, so we had two cabins with VIP and two without. We embarked separately, but were given plenty of zone 1 tags to apply to our checked luggage. Since all cabins were on my credit card, I felt it would be okay to all leave the ship together, as we were all in two vehicles anyway. The letter explaining Platinum Debarkation was in my cabin on Saturday, along with the Zone tags. We checked a bag each, and arose this morning and went to Starlight Lounge at 9 am. We were a bit late arriving in Galveston, but at 9:30 am an attendant came and escorted the Platinum group through to the Empress Deck and stopped the line. We used our S&S's to check off of the ship and headed through to baggage claim. In our vehicles and on the road by 10 AM. YAY!
  15. Embarkation was one of the worst we've had. Took forever, and VIP has moved since I was last onboard. It reminded me of my one time on the Conquest...long line at 1:30 PM to get to VIP. After that it was smooth sailing for me and another hour for the rest of my party, who are not Platinum yet. Perhaps they were late in on Thursday morning, it was just not our usual pre-noon quick aboard this time. They enforced the carry on rule with my party of 7, in 4 cabins. Counted the sodas, and checked the wine bottles. I had none of either, so no problem. As for Bon Voyage, I had ordered a bottle of Bailey's for one room, and a bottle of Crown for another...both received a note in cabin saying manana...and manana it was. My fan and extension cord made it through. Totally unnecessary...my aft balcony dead center in the aft cabins was frosty~ had to stand on the bed and turn it off during the night. My luggage was unlocked, and checked, but appeared to be totally un-handled. I really don't think mine was opened. From reading your posts previously, Mr. Creek, I somehow think you're gonna take it all with a grain of salt. I hope your time on the E is extra special. As for better or worse, I'd have to say that it's neither/nor...it's what you make it. ~Stir
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