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  1. All ships were supposed to have it rolled out by the end of the year, but I highly doubt that will be happening now.
  2. We sailed on the Escape in October and the Casino always seemed to have coffee.
  3. the lunch was in our excursion and it was very good.
  4. there are now umbrellas on the beach, we loved going there, it was very nice, and the lunch was great too.
  5. We were there in October, lots of chairs along the water with umbrellas, they also have chairs scattered all over, there are hammocks in trees too. They have a full size connect 4 game and chess, corn hole games and table tennis. We were able to just wade close to shore, but it is deep and you can go over your head. Family members were able to do some decent snorkeling. We all walked over to see the dolphins swim, and some were there for the performance.
  6. I just tried redeeming point for OBC and it isn't valid on group pricing, but I saved a lot more than $100 by getting the group price. I just added my points back onto my account
  7. On one of our cruises, there were a few very rude people in scooters. I always go out of my way to accomodate anyone with mobility issues, but this particualr person thought the world owed her something. My husband was already in a line with several people behind him, he was next to be waited on, this person came from nowhere and rolled right into line in front of my husband so she could be "next" and rolled right over the top of foot.
  8. On the "other" cruiselines, you pay a corkage fee if you drink it outside of your cabin. No fee if you drink "at home" , but most other lines limit the number you can bring on.
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