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  1. I sailed on Serenade larding on September 16. Used the set sail pass on the Royal App at embarkation with no problem in Boston. I did have a paper copy in case but not needed.
  2. Not invisible ink but I didn’t see where you said they checked the SIZE just mentioned the NUMBER of bottles. I’ll drink what’s on board. Rather have a pina colada than coconut water any day.
  3. Does anyone know if they check the ounces on the bottles? I’m asking because I planned to bring Bai coconut waters and the are 18oz bottles. Don’t want to bring if they will get rejected for the one ounce over.
  4. Air freshener for bathroom since no exhaust fan. Also battery operated nightlight for bathroom.
  5. Only purchased trip insurance a few times. We sail next Sunday from Boston and there is a possibility of an Atlantic hurricane hitting the east coast and two more behind it. Still early so no panic yet. But I rolled the dice and did NOT get trip insurance for this cruise. Hopefully things work out. Could be an expensive lesson, much more costly than the insurance.
  6. Was this on Serenade, 1602 balcony? Yikes. We have our first aft 1102 on September 16? Yikes. Didn’t realize how much visibility there was from the WJ.
  7. Loving this review. And coming from fellow Wolverine fans, makes it even better. GO BLUE!!!
  8. Not exactly southern sweet tea, but I’m bringing a bottle of Mio Sweet Tea flavor my water or tea from the WJ. Not a big fan of naked tea.
  9. Glad we made you chuckle. I don’t have a problem drinking the coffee, tea, or mixed in drinks, along wiith cooking . But we have used a RO system for such a long time it’s the smell of chlorine I can’t get past. I’ll likely buy the overpriced bottles of water to quench my thirst.
  10. I know the water is from reverse osmosis system but do they then add a chlorine to it? If so can you smell the chlorine?
  11. We are in our first aft, 1102, on Serenade September 16th. Looking forward to being spoiled.
  12. We booked an aft on Serenade in August, 2017, for two at $2863. Last cabin went for just under $5000 for two. Got ours at the right time. It does pay to keep track. Congratulations on a great deal.
  13. Yes, sofa bed in room. Not sure if it is a loveseat or full sofa. What cabin?
  14. So glad to hear he’s doing well. So scary for all to go thru. Enjoy your cruise adventures.
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