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  1. For us, anyway, it was warm like body temperature, and only humid on some days. I loved the climate and wasn't allergic to anything! So I would go again in March. We avoided cheap hotels because I had already guessed they might be mouldy in that atmosphere.
  2. Hi, my hubby and I took the Marina to Tahiti in March 2016. It was great. You don't notice any large amount of people in the ship, as there are many areas to get away to. Except maybe the pool. Concierge and higher have a second spa deck to help. We organised excursions through cruise critic, and not the ship. Our faves were jetskiing around Bora Bora and going out with a female captain to hang with rays, and another where we snorkelled long distance right above a massive pod of rays. Fabulous. The flight wasn't bad from Aus and yes, the flights meet American flights better, so we were in Papeete overnight in the beginning and 4 nights in Moorea (the best place!) at the end. You will love it, no matter who you go with. We didn't go with PG in the end because it was a small ship, and I thought it might be tossed with rough weather. We didn't have any though!
  3. We came off a Sirena cruise of 17 days in early July. I agree with the poster. Samey choices in the GDR (fruit cup I never ordered, ew), less choice in every restaurant and I will add, overcooked seafood (to a fault!) and cool food in the Terrace. We had a Spanish night or two in the Terrace, and everything seemed as if it had been cooked at 4 in the morning and warmed slowly in the afternoon, nothing was pleasant. I was looking forward to it too. We ate mainly in the GDR, and avoided seafood in the end. It was good, but it used to be a highlight, these days we get our thrills from itinerary, lovely staff and nice surroundings. The ships tours were better than the last time we took one, 5 years ago. The crowd was a discount set - a few times I saw them bringing open bottles of wine and glasses of drink from happy hour into restaurants. Streams of them. I hadn't seen that before! I did love Sirena, but am holding off booking anything further. We will look at how things are sailing in 2021.
  4. It's probably why they dry cleaned it off foc. They tried to tell me I left a sticker on it, but I hadn't. A wayward cleaning label might leave adhesive.
  5. They washed it and it came back dirtier. They offered to dry clean it to take the adhesive off. Worked well. Who knows, maybe it was done off ship? They fixed my problem, as I made noise. I still wear the top. Yes, I thought it was worth a go to give them a good stretch, steam in the dryer for 7 mins with the rest of the undies, another stretch and hanger dry, it seemed to improve them enough. It's too late for complaining now, but my husband's was the priciest shirt and he was determined not to complain, I am not going to fool with that. But I filled in my cruise review form, he didn't do his! The only reason I think the laundry was so busy was that we had heatwave conditions for a week or so, over 40 Celsius, so there was great demand!!
  6. I agree, once I had them dryclean a top of mine that ended up with sticker adhesive on it after a bag wash, not ours as we hadn't had any ship tours or stickers 😞 But my hubby hates a fuss. Also we didn't realise for days, and I wanted it in writing. I do love getting things fixed but these weren't fixable...
  7. I might add that we used the bag wash twice - three shirts were shrunk. One expensive. We didn't make a fuss, as my husband doesn't like to. We washed them again and stretched them out, fixing it a bit. If they had read the laundering directions, they would have seen not to put them in a dryer. And with 3 day turnaround, they had time to dry them another way. I washed after that in the laundry, hanging our cotton shirts. I complained in the end-of-cruise questionnaire. Be careful with what you send!
  8. We watched a couple movies, and it worked well. It was a good set of choices. Captions worked as well. Someone said here that there weren't many movies - under each first set of 4 or 5 across, there was a band marked 'more', when clicked, there were maybe 20 or 30 in a genre. If you were a heavy consumer, you might have seen them all already though?? I didn't watch news or TV, but BBC news was often playing in the laundry, looked alright. Checking our account on the monitor was easy and very useful.
  9. The conversations outside the laundry while waiting were noisier than the machines. I was 4 doors away. It was only twice, but I couldn't believe it!
  10. Hi, we just came off Sirena. There is a library, it's quite nice and quieter than on the O ships as it's quite separate. The laundry is very busy now that it has no tokens, we found it full of up to 6 people lurking for a machine most days. I didn't have much success asking for particular mixers only in our fridge, but was content with a Ginger ale a day. Maybe I wasn't persistent though. I like that usb charge points are in the room, 4 of them - 3 are trickle ones which will charge overnight, and one is a fast charge port which means it is done before you leave the room. Leaving devices charging in the usb ports still has stewards disconnecting them while you are gone. The have been useful to everyone we talked to. Anything else, just ask.
  11. Try this one https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2664914-oceania-sirena-buenos-aires-to-rio/
  12. Huh, last September on Marina we had no problems, Skyped the kids several times with no issues. I don't mind logging in, its a non issue. Having modern internet is a requirement though these days, if the ships aren't keeping up, they will lose business till they do.
  13. No, Pinot, I don't do lunch on the boat on a port day. Not once. Our original port hours were 7am-5pm, enabling one to pop off the ship, trundle up to Seville before attractions were open, have tapas and return having seen the city as best you could - even O had excursions to get there. Now we dock at 7 and are sailing again at 2, not leaving more than 2 hours to enjoy an entire city, if you find your own transport. NO other excursion provider can do it either. As I said, Not Even Oceania Has a Single Excursion to Seville that day. So the port should be renamed Cadiz, which we will be seeing. It's just false advertising at this stage. THAT'S my point.
  14. May I add that on the Seville (Cadiz) port now, not even Oceania has excursions on offer to go to Seville...a person would have to leave Seville by 12pm to get back on board to leave at 2PM! Maybe 2 hours to visit the city while open. If the port is called Seville, you should be able to go there.
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