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  1. Hi Deb The Prime Minister just announced that those returning to Canada must now have a Self Isolation Plan. One will need to tell the border agent where you will be self isolating, who will be with you, you have supplies etc. I have included a link for the North West Territories (not that you’re going there) but it has some info you might be asked. I haven’t found one for the rest of Canada. Good luck on the drive home. https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/efb9196c2b0a4571854a4418f0818f63
  2. So happy to read the story. All the best to ALL involved.
  3. Would you please explain what this means? I tried looking it up but didn’t get very far. TIA
  4. You parents look fantastic, especially your mom. Loved your stepdad’s 👍. After all that traveling, I think I might be crawling. Sleep tight and enjoy your time together. I look forward to hearing about the reunion tomorrow.
  5. I’m good for a couple more hours and maybe another glass of wine (or two). I have senior hours shopping tomorrow morning, too.
  6. A couple of years ago we were on a NCL cruise with family. We dressed up in their Ice Bar parkas😲. I will have to find those photos.
  7. Why do you have a heart in yours I don’t have one? Do you have to select something? Just wondering.
  8. Now that you mention it, we do look like we are dressed for the virus. Actually, it was in the Ice Bar in Copenhagen several years ago.
  9. Off topic... why do some posts have a little heart on the right hand side?
  10. I am following on Cruise Critic but also getting emails re updates. Bells are going off constantly but that just means everyone is really interested and just waiting for Deb’s post. Soon, I hope.
  11. With the new hours, make sure you get there before they close. Apparently, the LCBO has been deemed an Essential Service.😀
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