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  1. DARN! I had a post all ready to finish, and clicked to see a new reply (thought it was just above where I was) and lost the whole post. GRRRR. Shortened version.... Thanks to everyone for thread. Congratulations and cheers for new babies and negative tests! @ger_77thank you for quoting @sailingdutchy's post. The picture didn't show on the original post on my screen. My niece's mom-my sister-has now tested positive for COVID. While she has some of the typical symptoms, she is in positive spirits because, they are relatively mild. She has spent much time on the phone w
  2. Thanks for the information, Rich. The meals sounds good, but I don't have any ground beef on hand, so it will have to wait. I think I might like to try the drink of the day. Kazu, my daughter sent this video earlier this week. She and I have the conversation every year. She's 29. While Alexa tells me it is 'mostly cloudy', the sun is shining bright on the snow. Last night was so clear that the moon lit up the night with the shadows of the trees on the snow....so beautiful! The COVID outbreak in the city is growing, and our provinc
  3. A very late pop-in just to say 'hi'. It was another gorgeous day here today. The roads cleared up and DD was able to drive into the city. We had our gas fireplace serviced today. Understand that we've been in this house for 31 years, and I didn't know that I was supposed to service it every year or two. We might have had it serviced once in all that time. There was a lot of carbon, and it took him quite a while (no surprise there!). But it is ready for DS and his family when they move in, and I feel better, knowing it is safe. Good news about your grandsons @mamaofami and @DeeniEncinit
  4. Thanks, for the thread! I like apples, so will have one after supper....with caramel dip. 😋 Teehee on the quote. We woke to a huge dump of snow this morning. DH and I shovelled in the late morning, The snow was wet and heavy. And, luckily, it has seemed to have stopped. I don't think we gat as much as @puppycanducruise. I saw a picture of my granddaughter in Goderich....she was so happy to be out and playing in that white stuff. So was our Bernese Mountain grandpuppy! He ❤️ the snow. Congratulations to @Seasick Sailor on Sophie's arrival and to @Overhead Fred for getting that last p
  5. What a beautiful picture! It almost makes me eager for the snow...but then reason takes over. 😁
  6. Hooray for Sunday and all of the Dailyites! Love the quote, and I think that I might just make the meal. It sounds delicious-and easy. I know a lot of people that follow that quote. sigh. Thanks you Rich for the thread and recognizing that Advent begins today. Our church has not had flowers or any decoration (save the day the Bishop visited), so it was so nice to walk in today and see many of the usual decorations up, and the crèche scene out on the front lawn. It's disappointing that we can't sing (O Come, O Come Emannuel), but there was some recorded music from the choir, so t
  7. Good afternoon! Thanks for the Fleet Report, Rich! And Roy, that celebration list is getting longer. How nice! The only shopping I'm doing nowadays is online, and I did my big shop yesterday. I place a grocery order to be picked up tomorrow, but that is it. The quote is pretty accurate-or at least, sometimes, it feels that way! For dinner, I've ordered take out to be picked up at 5:00. Oh, my! I love this. This is something that our Church is missing-the potlucks and sharing food. I researched the Moravian Church, now, so thank you for helping me learn something new today. My context
  8. Happy Thanksgiving to all the American cousins....and to my daughter, who, while a Canadian living in Cairo, Egypt, teaches at an American school, so has the long weekend off. While it's not the traditional Thanksgiving, it is one to remember! It's been Good Grief YEAR, don't you think? Love the quote! We received our first Christmas card today, so I guess I can stamp and mail the ones that have been done for a week now. I'm not sure what we'll have for dinner. DH had his (phone) appointment with the diabetic clinic. They are pleased with what all my nagging has done for
  9. @DeeniEncinitas, let the others pick up the slack while you baby your thumb. For those celebrating tomorrow....Have a blessed Thanksgiving!
  10. Good morning! I've made myself sit down because we'll be busy later today. Thanks, Rich for the thread and information. I don't usually have my yearly Peanut Buster Parfait in November-its my welcome Spring tradition-but, I can make the sacrifice if I drive by a Dairy Queen while we are out today. Love the quote! So many people think that they have the quick solution, but they can't comprehend all of the nuances of that solution. The meal suggestion sounds delicious, but we'll be out just before dinner so will be having breakfast for dinner tonight. I might just take some chicken o
  11. Thanks for the thread, Rich. And for the prayers and celebrations, Roy. And to Summer for the information each day. Every time I think I can take a breather, I discover I'm more behind than I was the day before! I didn't want the day to pass, though, without a 🥂 to @Vict0riann and hubby, Pat. 58 years is nothing to be sneezed at, and I'm sure you are wishing you were on a cruise today. Just opened the front door and the snow is coming down. Yuck! That means getting up tomorrow to shovel. Oh, well. It's a work out for DH and me. Loving the pictures! @DeeniEncinitasthat pict
  12. Happy Sunday, Everyone! Roy, both of these quotes are what I've believed from the beginning of this pandemic. Thank you. I started mine earlier this week, but got stuck because I didn't have any Santa cards for the kids. I've picked them up, so finishing up the first batch is on my list for tomorrow. That and picking up a Canada Post box to send DD and her SO's gifts to them in Newfoundland. I was just shy of my 10th birthday 57 years ago. The principal fed the radio into the classroom (grade6). I remember watching the funeral on tv a few days later. Even in Cana
  13. Thanks for the Daily, Rich. Good afternoon! Trying to take 5 minutes while the 2yo is busy with his auntie. She is a blessing to have around and look after the little man with us. I found my new red mittens yesterday, and will wear them when we head out tonight. A friend of mine adopted 4 special needs siblings (they are all biological sibs and all have FAS), and today is her youngest's "Gotcha Day. A double celebration of her daughter! Love the quote. I'm going to forego the meals. I've been trying to have our Church virtual spaghetti dinner all week, so that's what we're having tonight. And
  14. I've enjoyed the music on many of the 2020 movies....they've been traditional Christmas hymns. ❤️
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