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  1. Good morning from sunny southwestern Ontario. Thanks to all who contribute to this thread. After keeping up with Linda's live report, watching some videos of the Disney magic in Liverpool, I am more than ready to get back to cruising. We are scheduled in April, so fingers crossed that it is a go! It is Civic Holiday here in Ontario. I think all the Canadian provinces got together and said....don't care what we call it, we need another summer holiday! It is on the backside of summer now because, although summer officially ends in September, Labour Day marks the back to school, back to routines, back to busyness of fall. Prayers for those who need them, whether they've asked or not. Cheers to all celebrating. And blessings to all!
  2. Well, I finally found this thread, and I'm all caught up. @Brentt_M my condolences to you and the kids on the death of your wife and their mom. Hopefully, this cruise will bring back happy memories, while making new ones. Thank you for taking us along on the ship!
  3. Thank you Lisa for taking us along on your voyage. It was fun to read your posts and follow along. I, too, hope that you do another LIVE post in a few weeks, and will look forward to any changes that have occurred as HAL gets its rudders in the right direction. I do have one small question...how big are the stickers/is the journal. Maybe I will go back and get my former trips in the right size to add to the journal....that is, if they continue to give them out at the end of a cruise. Safe travels to you and Tom. And thanks again!
  4. It looks like having breakfast in the room is not available on disembarkation day. That was always a nice relaxing way to start the (early!) day for us.
  5. My husband cruises with me, not because he loves cruising, but because I do. He welcomes the movies, and watches them throughout the cruise. I often join him and we get caught up on some of the movies that we've missed ( although I do other things as well).
  6. Good afternoon to all. It's a sunny and warm day here in SW Ontario. The heat is supposed to stall for a couple of days, so the AC is back on. I much prefer the air blowing through the house, but I can't sleep if it is too hot, preferring a night time temperature of south of 19ºC. Thanks for the maps, Rich. So exciting to follow those on the Nieuw Amsterdam. I think we ALL wish we were on that ship. Thanks to those sharing their experiences! Thanks to all the others for keeping the thread active. We are scheduled for the full transit from FLL in April. Fingers crossed that it is a go. And then I'll have pictures! Wishing everyone a wonderful week full of blessings and joy!
  7. I can honestly say that I have never used an app to preorder my food, but the Dive-In fries make my mouth water. Can you walk an old gal through the process, please? After I order, does it tell me what time to pick up my food? Is there a designated line to pick up the food? Anything else I need to know? Thanks!
  8. So exciting to watch the sailaway with Seth....even if I was late! RL got in the way. I, too, sent a friend request on FB (Debra R*****) , and am looking forward to all of your posts. If I can't cruise myself just yet, I can enjoy your doing so!
  9. Thank you for the Daily Report and the community that has evolved. ❤️ Love the days, and the quote is fantastic. I'm not sure what we'll have today, although it is often fish and chips on a Friday. Happy birthday @summer slope and @StLouisCruisers MIL. Sandi, your pictures of Alicante were delightful. I had never had a desire to visit Spain....until I did. And now I'd like to return. It is going to be a perfect day today. The temperatures in the mid 20's and not tooo much humidity-just enough to warrant a nice cold Rekordelig cider. DD who resides in the basement, and I had planned a day trip with DH, but DS#1 called and asked if we'd watch his daughter while he helps a friend move. So....a granddaughter day it will be. I think we might even (finally) do a bit of baking, depending on how fast it gets hot. @ger_77 I am not looking forward to that heat moving into Ontario, but I hope it leaves your area soon. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Blessings to you all!
  10. So excited to follow along, and, while I don't get here often, I will try to keep up! Have a wonderful time, and know that there are many, many of us living vicariously through your adventures!
  11. Well, not the WHO or the federal governments. The fact that the same cruise lines accept any fully vaxxed passenger in Europe, indicates that the issue is in the US. So CDC? FDA?
  12. Quick check in to say that all is well, but busy. Thanks to everyone for the thread and prayers and blessings to you all. Stay well! And have a wonderful weekend!
  13. Have you heard confirmation of that Kazu? Our Premier is refusing to do vaccine passports, relying on the Federal government, but all the information is provincial. I'm a "Just give me the card or add it to my passport," kind of girl.
  14. That number actually depends on where you are. Here in Ontario, anyone who had a shot 28 days prior can get their second shot. And, we are finally in the walk-in stage in many (most?) places. Even at that, a third shot is definitely not in the cards until everyone is fully vaccinated, and wouldn't be allowed anyway.
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