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  1. I saw that post too. They claimed it was done in error, and the person will not get it. I doubt they will cancel this person's booking though (if they indeed made an error).
  2. benebire, how did you get this to work? I called and they said the Wonder is excluded...=(
  3. Here you go: https://www.princess.com/learn/faq_answer/pre_cruise/travel_transportation_faq/popup/PC_PC_ezair.html
  4. My interpretation is you can change outside of 45 days, and the penalty starts on day 45 prior to your flight. Here's what they say about canceling: A cancellation fee up to the full cost of the ticket applies if the air is canceled 45 days or less from the first flight or sailing date. If your flights are not ticketed, there is a chance that they can make the change without the penalty. Hopefully you will find a nice rep to help you on Monday.
  5. If 11/9 is the date of your first flight, today is actually 45 days prior, maybe that is why the system is charging you the penalty. This is what the website says: No charge penalty until 45 days prior to departure for Flexible fares only.
  6. Sorry to hear that you didn't get through. Hopefully they made good notes in the system to show you called. Just out of curiosity, what is the date of your first flight?
  7. Thanks, I will call them to see if I can use it to book Wonder of the Seas...will report back what I find out...
  8. Has anyone asked if the annual free cruise can be used for Wonder of the Seas?
  9. I think the same can be said of Carnival buffet food. Full disclosure, I just came back from a cruise on the Mardi Gras. I agree that Royal is definitely a step above.
  10. Glad to help...it was quite easy to get all the menus once on the ship, but I figure it would be nice to know what's available ahead of time, hence posting them all in one thread.
  11. Yes, planning is the key. Have to decide between main dining and specialty restaurants...if there is nothing special in the main dining (that we really really want), those are the days we went to specialty restaurants.
  12. Main dining room menus QR-D-1-Menu.pdf QR-D-2-Menu.pdf QR-D-3-Menu.pdf QR-D-4-Menu.pdf QR-D-5-Menu.pdf QR-Feast-1-Menu.pdf QR-Feast-2-Menu.pdf QR-breakfast-menu.pdf QR-brunch-menu.pdf
  13. Here are the restaurant menus bonsai-teppanyaki-menu.pdf chibang-lunch-menu.pdf chibang-dinner-menu.pdf chibang-wine-menu.pdf Emerils-Bistro-Lunch.pdf HZ-Bonsai-Dinner-Menu.pdf MD-Cucina-Breakfast-Menu.pdf MD-Cucina-Dinner-Menu.pdf MD-Cucina-Wine-Menu.pdf MD-Fahrenheit555-Menu.pdf MD-Pig-and-Anchor-Smokehouse-Brewhouse-dinner.pdf pig-and-anchor-bar-menu.pdf rudis-seagrill-menu.pdf rudis-seagrill-wine-menu.pdf Seafood-Shack-Dinner.pdf room-service-day.pdf big-chicken-menu.pdf
  14. Attached please find the bar menus from the Carnival Mardi Gras. alchemy-bar-menu.pdf bar-della-rosa-menu.pdf blueiguana-tequila-bar-menu.pdf brass-magnolia-menu.pdf casino-bar-menu.pdf fortune-teller-menu.pdf havana-bar-menu.pdf heroes-tribute-lounge-menu.pdf indoor-bar-menu.pdf java-coffee-shakes-menu.pdf mdr-wine-menu.pdf piano88-bar-menu.pdf pig-and-anchor-bar-menu.pdf punchliner-menu.pdf redfrog-rum-bar-menu.pdf serenity-bar-menu.pdf watering-whole-menu.pdf
  15. Carnival was offering $100 OBC for those who kept their July bookings. Wasn't sure if it applied to August sailings, do you see an extra $100 OBC?
  16. Is it easy to book the "free" specialty restaurants once you are onboard? If you have time, would appreciate seeing the menus each night so I can plan when to go to specialty restaurant. Thanks in advance!
  17. Did they give you the extra $100 OBC? They were giving those who kept the July sailings $100, not sure if it apply to those sailing in August too.
  18. It's good to hear that there is a non-smoking casino, but there is no barrier between the two, what's to prevent the smoke from the smoking part to go toward the non-smoking part of the casino?
  19. It would be great if we get this too. We are on a 7-night sailing, so not sure if we will get it or not, as we didn't get the email.
  20. If you can post the image of that email, that would be great.
  21. I recall the July cruises getting $100, I don't recall August cruises getting it too. Did you get some kind of email to that effect?
  22. Good to hear they changed their minds, working toward my first block...
  23. What a piece of crap is right. Now, I am the only person in the room, my roommate is not listed in my travel party. Do you know what you are doing?
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