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  1. We’ve been a big MSC fan and are looking at doing the Viking West Indies cruise this December. I talked to my travel agent and it sounds quite nice. I asked her about a drink package and she saw one that was $200 for the 10 day cruise. This seems amazingly inexpensive. Does anyone know what this includes? Are there different tiers or are they just that much less than the other lines? Thanks so much
  2. I'm on right now and they have changed the policy. Maybe they listened to my comments after my cruise in March
  3. Sounds great. It looks like you’ll be there with your partner, based on your photo. My partner is from Toronto, and is usually in a hockey jersey. So if you see that, or acouple of bears wandering around YC, say hi 🙂
  4. Dec 15 is our week. I may just do that and see what they say. It wasn’t used that much and the area where they had it designated was always so full. And even there, people would complain. It was quite frustrating. You have 99% of the boat smoke free. Let me enjoy a cigar in 1% of it.
  5. MSC has designated cigar areas. It makes no sense to me. Drove me nuts when they sold great cigars in Top Sail and I had to go half way across the ship to enjoy them.
  6. I sailed Seaside YC in March and am doing it again in acouple of weeks. At that time, they sold cigars in YC but there wasn't any area in YC to smoke cigars. I had made some comments to the concierge, as well as on the survey afterwards about that. Has anyone that sailed recently know if they added cigar smoking to the smoking area on the YC deck? I hope this doesn't turn into a smoking discussion. This is just a simple question. If you don't like smoking/cigars/etc.. please don't comment. Thanks
  7. We always bring extension cords.. never had an issue with them.. I do love the idea about the magnetic hooks.. going to steal that one for our cruises in Dec and Jan :)
  8. I'm also in YC starting on the 10th. I'm hoping its a quiet cruise on that front as well :) I'm a big guy (6'6" 300#) so maybe we'll run into each other in top sail. Mark
  9. So we're going on the Seaside next week. How is the Casino? I haven't seen too many posts about it. How are the slots? Is it bigger than the Davina and Splendida ones?
  10. does anyone know if there’s a smoking area in YC that allows cigar smoking? I was a bit disappointed to find out there is no cigar lounge on the boat after booking, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to enjoy some cigars in the outdoor spaces in YC.
  11. I can't agree with this more.. the slots at the casino were horrible.. Only thing that saved me was a straight flush playing ultimate texas holdem. And then, when I went to cash my chips in, they made me feel like a criminal. Verified the chips had been added to my account, then they called the pit boss to make sure I was really the winner, then 2 people had to be called over to verify the payout.. Never had that done at any casino before.
  12. Hello. I'm doing the Yacht Club on the Speldidida in November and had a question on laundry service.. I thought I had read somewhere it was included with YC. Is that the case? Trying to plan some for packing for the trip and that would make a difference for us. Thanks
  13. I always bring a small extension cord whenever I travel, just in case
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