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  1. Where is your cruise going? Just got off the Island and we booked a few excursions that we found on Trip Advisor. One tour we had two other couples that we didn't know that booked also and the guide just placed us all together. We also found others on our roll call.
  2. Just had a spa treatment last week on the Island and the gratuity was automatically added and then you can add above if you want. I've had hard sells in the past but this time she just wrote out a list of $400.00 worth of products that she would recommend I buy.
  3. BoopTennis, we are booked for the same ship/itinerary leaving next Friday. I'm loving your review and it's so timely for my group. Question, we are booked on the Veragua Rainforest tour and we are not really excited about it and after reading your review, now I'm even less excited about it but there doesn't seem to be much there. Anything you would do differently in Limon? We really want to do something but none of the Princess excursions look very good. Would love to hear more feedback regarding this port. Thank you for taking the time to post all the information and pictures!
  4. We too, were on the February 17th cruise. A lot of schools now have the President's Day week off. I heard we had between 400-500 kids on cruise. This was our least favorite of our 3 Princess cruises. The wake up calls at 3:30 in the morning certainly gets your heart racing thinking the worst that could have happened. I don't think anyone went back to sleep after that. PJ - cruise director was terrible! We went to the Marriage game show and he was late and then proceeded to say that Ana, the assistant cruise director that started the game show for him, was the "worst assistant cruise director ever". She was clearly upset by his comments. The rest of the show was uncomfortable and disjointed. I spoke to one of the couples that was playing and they thought that possibly the crew had been drinking to much. The service in the Sanctuary was terrible. Had to ask for a blanket 3 times, among other issues. We did speak to the person in charge of buffet and asked why they didn't serve lox for breakfast anymore. He said that you have to ask for it and they will bring it to you. Good to know for the future. We still enjoyed our time but we probably won't do anything less than 7 days in the future.
  5. We were on the Star last week. The wine package is available and we briefly considered it but they could not guarantee the wines that were listed were in stock. So we had the chance of buying the package with certain wines in mind but they were possibly not available. There was a happy hour everyday from 3 - 4, but not always in the Wheelhouse. It was always listed in the patter where happy hour would be that day.
  6. Thanks for the review! We were on Rhapsody the week before you and had warm weather the entire time. Our "go to bar" was Schooner's and I agree, Derek Lewis was the best entertainment on the ship!
  7. We will be on the July 4th cruise to Alaska on the Rhapsody. I would also be interested on feedback. Trying to plan, but not much information on the boards regarding this cruise.
  8. Can you bring a flat iron (like a curling iron)?
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