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  1. JenAMR

    Carnival Victory - should I book?

    Im also interested in this ship for the Southern Caribbean route in December....
  2. JenAMR

    Recent pics

    it was through the ship. highly worth it!!!!
  3. JenAMR

    Recent pics

    debbie...thank you so much! you are going to LOVE the trip. I can't wait to go back!!!
  4. JenAMR

    US Air and Air Tahiti Nui

    FYI you never know - I was booked on United to LAX and then on to Air Tahiti and I called United and Air Tahiti and they said I woul dhave to claim my luggage and recheck it but when we got to the airport in NYC they checked our luggage all the way through so who knows?!?
  5. JenAMR

    Aquq safari thru Princess

    Def do this excursion - so much fun!
  6. JenAMR

    Recent pics

    Thanks guys! I have found this board very helpful when planning my trips and I wanted to return the favors!!! Hope you guys ALL have a blast!!!
  7. JenAMR

    Patrick in Papette

    we were suppose to go with patrick but he canceled on us at the last minute because it was raining. the ship canceled their tour as well because of the rain and one of their guides ending up taking us out. It was a great day. Im not sure how much the tours differ, however the price with Patrick was going to be like $30 cheaper a person than if we booked through princess. The guide that ended up taking us charged only $5 more a person than Patrick. Patrick is $50 USD per person for the 1/2 day tour. I think Princess charges $80 something.
  8. JenAMR

    May 6th sail on the TP

    Have FUN!!!! You will LOVE it!!!!
  9. JenAMR

    Booking a dolphin swim

    yes you can just but the two tickets for them and then you'll have to pay cab fare and entrance fees for you and your husband. I loved it!!!
  10. JenAMR


    anything you do in moorea will be wonderful - it's such an amazing island. renting a car will be fun as you can plan your own adventure! get a vehicle that can handle the "roads" up to the top of the mountains. also make sure you stop somewhere to enjoy the beautiful water! We did two excursions - a morning snorkeling tour and an afternoon 4x4 and we loved both!!!
  11. JenAMR

    May 6th sail on the TP

    I don't recall fins being available on any of our excursions. Some had various masks and snorkels to lend. Vests weren't offered but I think a saw a few people ask for them and were given them. We brought our own snorkeling equipment (masks, snorkel, fins) and we also had water shoes. If you need water shoes you don't need the fins. The only time we needed both was the drift snorkel (through princess) in raiatea. Here we wore our water shoes to the area we were snorkeling in and carried our fins and then we handed our water shoes to our guide and put our fins on. The guide carried our water shoes in his bag. We brought both our fins and water shoes to every excursion and the guides told us which we should use. We didn't have gloves and were ok with that. It wasn't a problem avoided hitting our hands but we did nick our knees a couple of times. I guess if you were wearing a full wet suit that would help a bit but you would also be hot i would guess? I was hot in just a bikini!
  12. It was still hot at night....def won't need anything for outdoors, however inside it's pretty cool and especially if you are out in the sun all day you really notice it. I tended to be cold at dinner and wore a light cardigan half the time. If you have short sleeves that might help (I had sleeveless dresses). The plane was also freezing on the way over a;nd there were no controls to turn it off on air tahiti. I had a fleece and a blanket and i was still cold. I would try to bring one light sweater or something that can be used either on the plane, in the dining room etc. just in case.
  13. JenAMR

    currency questions...

    There are ATMS but every ATM we tried didn't work and we were told by a guide that their system tends to not accept foreign bank cards so don't rely on being able to use this. This was in Tahiti. We didn't see any ATMS on the other islands but we didn't bother really looking because we found out we could exchange our money on the ship.
  14. JenAMR

    Help! Question for leaving ship early

    I can't answer this first hand, but we dealt with a long line because more than half the ship was waiting to check in....the majority of our flight leaving tahiti to LAX was TP passengers - so if you were leaving the night before there might not be as many passengers in the line. We got to the airport around 7 for a 10pm flight (and there were a lot of people who got there after us), we waited in a looooong line and still had over an hour and a half to kill once we got to the gate.
  15. The first formal night was one of the sea days (i think the first one?)...anyways, there was a mix of dress...from tuxes and gowns to shirt and ties and summer dresses. We skipped the second one because we were too tired to get dressed and went upstairs to the pizza place in t-shirts and shorts. There was a full meal up there (personal pizza, appetizer, salad, soup, dessert)...i wouldn't eat there every night but it did us just fine that one night. As for the specialty restaurants...we saw people dressed in all sorts of outfits so again, it's your personal preference. If we went again I would n ot have my DH bring a suit and instead would just bring a button down shirt and maybe a tie.