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  1. mnmn926

    NCL back to back booking question

    Gonna do the Planes, trains and automobiles vacation. Plane from DFW to SEA-TAC Rental car for a couple of days to tour around Amtrak from Seattle to Vancouver to replace the cruise Cruise from Vancouver to LA Plane back home. NCL, after 3 calls from the agent finally had someone who said "oops" we should have not booked the trip as it is a violation of US law. Refund is in the works. Thanks for everyone's insight and help with answering this still confusing law. I definitely think it needs to be revisited or maybe you can't revisit it unless you have someone walk it from one area of capitol hill to the other escorted by another individual carrying a lantern shouting lawmaker in the hall.:) Mark
  2. mnmn926

    NCL back to back booking question

    Globaliser, It seems that most other posts seem to agree with you, granted some are as confusing to read as the law itself. The problem is that after 2 calls to NCL by the agent handling the booking, either her, or the NCL rep should have known this was not allowed and not granted the booking. My "who shot Kennedy" feeling is that NCL can make an extra buck off me by charging me both the fare and then back charge me for the fine + and that is why they allowed it to be booked. At no time die either of them mention it was a violation of the law. Now I gotta spend my day off making phone calls trying to get my money back and find a way from Seattle to Vancouver. This is out 20th anniversary trip and I don't want any hassles so hopefully it'll get straightened out today. Mark "bring all my mules out here...kick 'em one time"
  3. mnmn926

    NCL back to back booking question

    :confused: Katmai, After reading some other posts I am even more confused. The bad thing is that NCL said no problem and allowed the agent to book the overnight trip and said it was not a problem so long as I got off the ship. I'm going to call again today and just cancel the stupid thing unless they give me a hassle about a refund. If so I don't know what I'll do. Only in America would I need a passport to enter Canada but it not be considered "foreign." Just a little frustrated.
  4. mnmn926

    NCL back to back booking question

    :) Ok everyone, First of all thanks for the responses but I got an answer. There is nothing wrong with booking it just as long as I disembark in Vancouver, with my luggage, and recheck in for the next trip. It just couldn't be sold as a back to back. Still no firm answer as to why but I'm assuming you guys are correct in that it looks like a Sea to LA trip which is a no-no. I have an AG mini-suite for the Repo cruise and just booked the cheapest available for the Sea to Vancouver since it is just an overnight sailing. The best part is I save almost $400 on airfare by booking a $150 room on a cruise ship. The reason is the multi-city ticket via Seattle instead of Vancouver is worth the change. Thanks again, Mark
  5. mnmn926

    NCL back to back booking question

    Sail7, I thought of that, and bet that ends up being the issue, however the cruise is from Seattle (USA) to Vancouver (Canada). I always thought it prohibited travel between 2 US Ports. I would disembark in Vancouver, then reboard for the Vancouver to Los Angeles repo. Me and the TA did discuss the Jones Act but were curious how this was a violation since the trip is for sale. She is calling NCL tomorrow to check again. Thanks, Mark
  6. mnmn926

    NCL back to back booking question

    see below, poor spelling
  7. Hey all, Thanks in advance for any help you can give. I have a repo cruise booked leaving Vancouver 9/23/07 on the NCL Star. I spoke with my TA this afternoon to inquire about booking a 1 nighter that the Star has leaving Seattle on 9/22/07 going to Vancouver. I thought it be cool to get an extra night of vacation. My TA spoke with NCL (granted their customer service is closed) and was told we could not book these 2 cruises back to back. The NCL rep said she had no idea why it was just not allowed. Anyway, any ideas why this would not be allowed?? Would Dudley Do-Right have arrested me had I booked these on my own online?? Thanks, Mark