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  1. Did Regent state why the above cruises were cancelled? Was it lack of sales, or lagging Covid vaccinations, or some other reason? I'm curious because I have a Seabourn Holiday SA-Antarctica cruise in December. Just wondering if I should be considering my options.
  2. Was the Marina Day in Mykonos, or are you at a different port?
  3. Thank you so much. I will keep an eye on our documents, knowing it may not show up until "final".
  4. I know this has been brought up before, but I can't find the string. Once the proof of stockholder-ship has been sent in, how long does it take (typically) to show up on the Guest Reservation Form? Thank you.
  5. In that case, break out the short gang plank, and make those passengers take a long walk. See ya - don't want to be ya.
  6. It's only 8 miles from the center of Venice or from the airport to the Port of Marghera (if that is the port they will be using). Easy, peasy.
  7. I could give two hoots what people wear and their reasoning. I was just suggesting that to say shorts in the dining room on the last evening is okay BECAUSE the guest has to pack is a sartorially lazy excuse.
  8. Agree. Most of the time - the bags don't have to be out until well after dinner time. There is no reason one can't throw in dressier wear at the the last minute, then set the bags out.
  9. fudgbug - I'm curious. Did you see any numbers on the Covid results board that said "positive". Do you know what they did with those passengers who came up with a positive. Our first cruise is this coming October, and are concerned about false positives as we have both been vaccinated.
  10. We have a 3 week Greek cruise scheduled for May 2022. How can I find out which, if any, island will have CitS or have a marina day. (I don't see that noted anywhere on the itinerary.) I usually book tours for every port, but I wouldn't want to on either one of those days. Thanks.
  11. When I took the survey Seabourn sent out a month or so ago about future cruise desires - of course I said I would prefer that everybody, crew & guests be vaccinated. I would imagine that most people felt the same. I would love to see the results of that survey - and then find out why they are blowing off the results. Maybe I'm wrong and people said they didn't care one way or the other.
  12. hahaha - I LOVE YOUR ATTITUDE!!!!
  13. I just checked my Oct 21 Sojourn Cruise (Barcelona to Lisbon) and it is still saying the final is still due in July. Is it possible it is delayed just for new bookings?
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