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  1. Our experience has been that Viking will personalize the transfers according to your flight times. They would never dump you in an airport for multiple hours before you depart (but they are definitely conservative so you don't miss your flight). Peace!
  2. Oh goodness - the French 75! We had a dear friend that brought the makings for that and set them up with Blue Curacao (I have no idea how to spell that) - beautiful and tasty! One guest did not enjoy it and offered hers to another. After the 2 x 75s, the second guest noted that she could not feel her nose! That's a good cocktail! Peace!
  3. Sorry, one other thing, the onboard laundry (not laundry service - actually washers and dryers and Viking supplies the detergent) makes it nice to not pack quite so much if you have 'laundry' clothing. Many on this board like to comment on returning home with all clean clothes. Peace
  4. Viking's casual approach is pretty inclusive, and is left largely (or maybe entirely) to the taste of the passenger. We have always treated meals onboard, whether Viking River, Ocean, or even Carnival and NCL, as a meal 'out' and try to dress accordingly. If it is a special occasion to us, we might spiff it up a bit. I think the majority of people will be 'snappy casual' - nicer slacks / jeans (don't tell anyone I said that), some men in jackets and even a tie or two, and the ladies in nicer evening wear (nicer than shorts and tank tops....) for dinners. There are some exceptions like for a late arriving excursion where passengers are starving. For the other dining times, I still like to be wearing clothing that is acceptable for a restaurant, but you might see others who OBVIOUSLY feel differently. <grins> . We love to have the chance to impact others' behavior in a nice way when possible, but don't want to be too 'over the top'. And frankly we just love to 'dress for dinner' on occasion, everyone should try it! Have a wonderful cruise - we are booked on the Sept. 14 sailing of the Wake of the Vikings from Bergen to Montreal and have a total of 4 sea days. Our first Viking Ocean was like the 3rd or 4th trip for the Star in their inaugural year. It was nothing short of spectacular (even though there had been some engine problems on the first or second sailings - new ship and all). Peace!
  5. I am enjoying this thread! A few years ago we were being lazy and riding the lift down to the dining room on a big box cruise ship (yes, I have no shame). I had had a wonderful day with my sweet wife and we decided to 'dress for dinner', so I donned my favorite bow tie and jacket and she put on a stunning cocktail dress. In short, we looked like we were so many years younger! Anyway, I guy got on the lift and took one look at me and scowled. He said "A tie, huh? You're trying to make the rest of us look bad!" One of my mentors from years ago said you should always model the behavior you want to see from your children. And fellow students. And cohorts at work. And fellow vacationers. It was some of the very best advice! Peace!
  6. Wow! I am surprised by the OP - we have several Viking River cruises and one Ocean under our belt, and have not experienced this. But, things do change. "Progress." I personally refuse to be drawn into the 'eat in your PJs' mentality, especially when we've paid over $10,000 for a trip with fine dining. We have spoken with locals in other countries that claim it is the dress style that points out the US citizens. Sloppy t-shirts, adorned with US flags, wearing things that the locals just don't wear. Back on dining - I love to throw the occasional home dinner party and suggest 'dressing for dinner'. Amazing how many people don't know what that means. Anyway, we still are blessed to have lived a life that affords such discussions. Peace!
  7. I think this is a good link to the facebook post: Peace
  8. We've done a number of VR cruises, including France's Finest (oh my, they do such a nice job getting from one ship to the other - a whole 'nother adventure), and are booked for our second VO in September, this time a TATL the Wake of the Vikings. The VR cruises offer a much better chance for a social interaction with other passengers, whether in the briefings or in the dining room. We found ourselves in similar company on each excursion, and that is just fine! (Finest....) . But the luxury of the VO experience is just special to us - so different from the more big-box cruises. And social interaction is so personal (looks funny) - it just works either way. I'd do one every year and switch them up if I had unlimited funds (wait.... I don't ). The Viking folk have been so supportive to us through each cruise, I sing their praises regularly. Peace!
  9. Believe it or not, these are the two lines we cruise with any regularity, and have a Bergen-Montreal TA planned for fall of 2019. Thanks for the insights! Peace!
  10. I agree with pinkie60! We are booked on the April 8 trip to Cuba/Bahamas and I had been reading several reviews stating how dated and tired the ship was looking! We were on about the 4th cruise for a new ship on a different line a few yers ago and man oh man, what a spectacular look it had. NCL seems to us to do a pretty decent job even with older decor, but this will be a treat! Peace!
  11. You need to call NCL to reserve the excursions and let them know you want to use your excursion credit for it. They will put in the reservation and hold it for settlement once you are onboard. (We are in this situation right now, too.) Not sure about the onboard credit question. Peace!
  12. We loved our time on the Star in her inaugural season, just two or three cruises past the engine difficulties. This ship is beautiful, and our Med Odyssey (while hot) was amazing. The ship is great, and we spent countless hours by the endless pool aft. Memories! Beautiful things indeed! Peace.
  13. I asked Viking directly and was told all 2021 schedules would be released in January 2019. They released a very limited set of sailings already, but none of the ones I am planning for.
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