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  1. Thank you @flossie009 for taking us. I have added this adventure to my must do list. I look forward to your trip!
  2. Love this photo. It appears that the life boats are riding on the water and there is an awesome glacier on the right.
  3. Thank you @flossie009for sharing your trip. You have made my decision for 2020 an easier one!
  4. Hapag Lloyd has a few itineraries that I would like to explore but based on your comment I am led to believe the line only speaks German. Research says otherwise. Please clarify that Hapag Lloyd does indeed provide an English speaking interpreter. Thank you.
  5. TC, I was not an officer but I am offend. You are mistaken in your assumption. I served four years and was discharged as an E5. No where near close to an officer. What I learned in service for my country allowed me to grow in my career which has enabled me to cruise on Regent,. Without the assistance of anyone else. I am very positive I am not the only one that benefited by being a lowly enlisted person for a short period of time.
  6. I watched the video to see how your wife did with her folding wheel chair. I quickly forgot about that and now would like to see the South Pacific knowing I could. Even without directions. Thank you so much for sharing. Great video!
  7. The Tundra Wilderness Tour in Denali is on an actual school bus. There is no under the bus storage. I barely had room for my small backpack in front of my knees. You do not need to get off the bus to see anything if you sit by a window. There are stops to stretch your legs and wash station stops. It is a great tour but I am not sure I would want to set in a bus seat with my rollator in front of me.
  8. Thank you for the clarification SantaFeFan!
  9. There are only so many things you can spend OBC on and at times if you don't use it, you lose it. If you want to visit the spa and the visit not be on your dime, go for it. If you have your eye on something from the on board shops, go for the OBC. I have found that finding a TA that provides a rebate once the cruise is completed is much better for my lifestyle. My closet is not big enough to hold all the pocket books/purses/back packs I would like to have and I am afraid I would become addicted to the spa. A cruise addiction is all I can handle.
  10. Booking for excursions opens on May 11. Earlier in the year I made a list of all the excursions I wanted to take so I could quickly book them. Your question has me thinking that I need to revisit the excursion list to see if I am more interested in anything else. I do not know what hotel will be used for pre-cruise as my RTW cruise will start on the prior Amazon cruise and will not need a pre-night hotel. Last year on our Cuba cruise we were at the Kimpton EPIC Hotel but there were other cruise travelers at another hotel. I am not sure if they selected their hotel or if Regent did. As for blogging, not likely for me but if someone else does I may add to it a time or two. I hope someone does. I always enjoyed reading the RTW blogs and was able to pick up many ideas for packing, spending time on the ship, excursions, what to do or not do, etc. I do miss that. Now most blogs are private or posted elsewhere and I cannot find them. I understand from a privacy perspective. Geezz, if someone is going to steal a package off my front porch in during the day, I would hate to think what could happen to my house on a long cruise. As a lurker and not a frequent contributor it does make it harder to learn or live vicariously through others, you need to become recognized with posters so those that wish to remain out of the limelight will share where their blog is posted. Hope that helps somewhat.
  11. We cruised Voyager on a Caribbean/Cuba last Christmas. There was a large family group from Japan with many under 10 children and about 12 teens. We had no problems at all. The younger ones had nannies that where with them at all times and the children were very well supervised. Unless you wanted to play ping pong in the afternoon and even then they were courteous and would set down between games to see if anyone else wanted to play before resuming. The group ate together which made for awkward seating at times but I was glad to see they took their time together seriously. No issues.
  12. I believe gnomie is correct. My husband passed a few years ago and still receives mail from the various cruise lines we have been on. Maybe it could be narrowed down to active cruisers (those that have taken a Regent cruise in the past x years). Either way, the numbers would be interesting. I would like to see the numbers broken down by country. One of the highlights of cruising with Regent is all the interesting people I have meet from around the world. Maybe Regent cruisers are more friendly than what I have experienced on other cruise lines?
  13. Safe travels Travelcat2. I hope your flights are smooth and to your liking. I look forward to reading more about your trip!
  14. Love your tat Bill! Even though we shared a cruise I never saw it. Good job 🙂 Thanks for your time in service!
  15. Congratulations Bill! My mom and I sailed with you a few years ago on a Mariner Med cruise. Great cruise and meeting you and your wife was a wonderful experience. Enjoy your cruise, Happy Birthday to your wife, and hope to see you again on another cruise. Robby and Nadine
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