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  1. @GOARMY just finished watching "Devil". Very interesting show and great detective work by all! You never know what lengths people will go to do you? Thanks for you service in both the Army and USPS.
  2. It was a segment that was rerouted and then cut short. Others on the cruise had people join them but it was always at the beginning of a segment and they departed at the end of a segment. Although I was a solo traveler, I did not receive a solo discount so I was paying for two people anyway. That may make a difference in what you have been told and my experience. The world cruise, while it lasted was wonderful and I hope to do another one day. Good luck!
  3. I was on the Regent 2020 world cruise and had a friend join me for the Australia to Singapore segment. This ended up being revised to an Australia only leg due to COVID-19. The only additional charge was her flight from/to the ports and transportation to/from the ship. There were a few other world cruisers that had people joining them on different segments with airfare and transportation to/from the ship being the only additional charge. A great way to share your experience!
  4. 2020 world cruise. Segment 4 adjustment requested at the reception desk per the letter left in suite on 2/25 and via travel agent the same day. World cruise termination refund requested at the reception desk per the letter left in suite on 3/14, via my travel agent also on 3/14, and on-line through Regent website 4/7. Refund for above posted to credit card 5/23/2020.
  5. I heard via email from Regent that the 90 day refund timeline begins when you submit the refund request form on on the RSSC website. The form is not easy to find so here is the link https://www.rssc.com/request-refund/. The Account Executive that emailed me noted (copied and pasted) "Apologies for the conflicting information you were provided while onboard, but it was a very fluid situation and we had to make adjustments to the process to make sure all of our guests were provide the same information,". Like most others on this board, I very much enjoy sailing with Rege
  6. I have yet to receive my refund. Excuse me...You really need to pay attention to what is said and stop assuming things and get off your self created high horse. You and I have gone around a time or two and I have been banned from posting on CC in the past when we did not agree. One reason for all the crickets. Wishing you and your DH safe sailings.
  7. Really? Jackie, surely you must have better things to do than make sure you have the last word on everything. I immensely enjoy my time while onboard a Regent cruise and have gained much knowledge on the CC boards and much from you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge but at the end of the day and unless I am mistaken, you are not an authorized spokes person for Regent. It would be much appreciated if you would stop opining without actual facts. Your past experience does not fit into today's environment. Going crickets unless my temperature rises. Or I can confirm my
  8. Seems to be the best way to avoid some of the nastiness. Although crickets do make a noise when the temperature is just right 😉
  9. Everything was exactly as I had packed it. I lost the locks as customs cut them off but everything was there and the suitcases are in good shape.
  10. The Luggage Forward website wasn't being updated regularly but when I called to find out the status the rep was most helpful and called me a few times with updates although he was never able to provide an arrival date. Very refreshing. Will definitely use them for next years cruise. Now for a full day of doing laundry!
  11. @Travelcat2 While onboard the world cruise and segment 4 was changed we were told our credit cards would have the refund within a week. That was February 25 (63 days ago). On March 14 (45 days ago) when we were informed the world cruise was being terminated we were told the refund would happen within 30 days. The 90 day refund statement was made after this time. I agree that "nothing about Covid-19 is acceptable", and believe it unacceptable that you feel everyone should be patient while waiting their refund when what some of us were told (within a week/30 days) has not occurred. Y
  12. I debated posting this on the "refund" thread or this one. Obvious which I chose. I agree with @Pam very much. But... I was on the 2020 world cruise and am still waiting on the segment 4 adjustment which was requested at the reception desk per the letter left in my suite on 2/25 and via my travel agent the same day. My world cruise termination refund was requested at the reception desk per the letter left in my suite on 3/14, via my travel agent also on 3/14, and on-line through the Regent website 4/7 although I was never informed I needed to do this (found out on CC).
  13. @boblerm You have upset my planned retirement activities. I originally planned to retire December 6 and take the Amazon cruise in December which ends in MIA and stay on the Mariner for the World cruise and then start jumping ships to finish my bucket list. The company had me agree to not retire but take a sabbatical. After reading your reports along with a few others, I am back to thinking I do want to retire and see these amazing places while the body will let me. Thanks so much for sharing. I so enjoy your story telling style and look forward to your next trip.
  14. How wonderful! Joel will be on the 2020 World Cruise ☺️
  15. Thank you @flossie009 for taking us. I have added this adventure to my must do list. I look forward to your trip!
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