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  1. still time to visit the forts or a tour of San Juan and Old San Juan
  2. Right! I notice very few people talk about it and for the price i am shocked. Just renting umbrella and 2 chairs is $20.00 per couple, almost no where to by drinks or go to the bathroom, at least at a reasonable price. I like service and they do their best but walk along way for it, so i think ahead order my drinks at the beach with anticipation and im happy. The best is when they close the beach club and you enjoy the rest of your time on their roof top terrace, just a great view of Isla Verde beach I found them by accident through a local friend who uses their beach day pass, it is cheaper than having lunch and drinks at any other location.
  3. Yes it did, i would have taken the package with the meal but already had lunch and paid alot more. Email them they provide all that info to you:) But should be around $20.00 each way.
  4. Yes they do but it will be a simple drive through, i would plan ahead just because your with luggage.
  5. I too have done both, resort style is very different than being almost on your own. I do bounce back and forth depending how i feel:) I went back last year and Island Marketing changed to Isla Verde from Ocean park very close to the Marriot. I guess it all comes down to price and how much you want to spend (half day was $29.00 PP with 4 drinks), i went in the afternoon and really enjoyed the view from the roof top terrace watching the sunset. No sun over the water but still beautiful colors.
  6. Why not tour with your luggage and get dropped of at the airport afterwards:)
  7. The streets of Old San Juan are cobble stones so crossing at intersections can be difficult i suggest always having help when doing it your scooter?wheel chair can become unstable. The sidewalks are big enough for you to ride through most of the old city. When i was there someone who was crossing a street once going down the ramp of the sidewalk ( not sure what you cal the dip in the sidewalk for wheel chairs) fell over:) But if you are not alone and keep this in mind you should be fine in most of the streets especially the major one Fortaleza. Seeing the fort is doable, take your time:)
  8. https://puertoricocruiseexcursions.com/excursion/san-juan-beach-break/
  9. all hotels are pretty much close to the pier if you want to stay on the beach then i suggest Isla Verde. I proffer it to Condado
  10. They rent chairs and umbrellas throughout the beach especially the beach street entrances. finding food, drinks and washrooms are sketchy and if you do, expensive. Try Island marketing beach package in PR, i also know that the Marriott sells a day pass if want resort and a pool style place. Done both and by fay the best value is the the package that Island marketing sells. But i do not have to be by the pool all day.
  11. Your welcome, once you fill our the form they will send you more information.
  12. If you have never stayed in Old San Juan try it, next time stay at the beach. Both great ways to spend your time in SJ Sheraton, Casa Blanca and el convento are great or try renting an apt.
  13. Old San Juan is beautiful, if you want a tour i suggest a walking tour. Will not be as hot and nice. If you do not wish for a tour walk around the old City is beautiful. Have a cafe con leche and dessert. Great walking city
  14. Here it is, https://puertoricocruiseexcursions.com/excursions/puerto-rico-el-yunque-highlights-east-end-island-tour/
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