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  1. We were on an Airbus to CDG , coach and it was a torture! I vowed never to book coach again, but coming home on an early flight on a Boeing 777, I was surprised at the cushy seat. I didn't mind that too much. As we got older we tried premium economy, just made sure it was a 777. We loved it. Didn't lay flat but I never sleep anyway. I got so used to CDG not picking us up for wheelchair service that I didn't wait and jumped on a bus for the terminal I needed. Wrote a big letter to AF while on that plane at the stewardess request and the last time we flew that route there were chairs lined up ready and waiting for us and others. After transporting us in the chairs they put us on buses and we made our flight. Now I prefer AF, I know my way around and I am comfortable flying in and out of CDG, I don't want to fly anything overseas but a 777 . You just can't tell the stewardess you need assistance. You have to call Saphir, the service from AF. Bon Voyage
  2. I love the longer cruises especially on Celebrity. I love Princess also. Take the 14 day cruise you will love it! Congratulations! Bon Voyage
  3. I really enjoyed reading all these posts. Booked us on the Caribbean Princess Jan25. Daughters birthday. Thanks all.
  4. For breakfast in the MDR, I ask for table for two. I don't feel like talking in the a.m. especially introducing myself every a.m. Dinner is different, I like traditional dining. If you don't like who you are sitting with go to maitre d' and change it. I have never had to do that in all my cruises. Most people are amiable and happy to be cruising. If you are a fast eater, do the buffet.
  5. I myself hate eggs benedict! I always tried to tempt my daughter to take a cruise telling her she can have it every day if she wants. If it is bad she won't want it. We are both good cooks, if I say so myself. We want to just drive to the port here in Texas. Actually Bayport terminal is the closest for us. Galveston always is pleasurable for me, especially the fresh shrimp! That will be a pleasure. cruise and shrimp. Thanks everyone. Bon Voyage
  6. Does any recent RCCL know if they have eggs Benedict on the MDR menu? Thanks all
  7. Does any recent Princess cruiser know if Princess have eggs Benedict on their menu in the MDR? Trying to decide which cruise line to take out of Galveston/Houston? Caribbean Princess or Navigator of the Seas. I thought I read somewhere that RCCL has discontinued that. Have to ask this same question of RCCL board. Told my daughter she can get that every a.m. Going on a cruise together. Thanks all.
  8. Had a very nice tour in Barcelona this past spring. We just wanted short tour and this was perfect. Will use again if going to Barcelona. They also do longer tours.
  9. Thanks for info about power cord. This is all new to me. I called Celebrity and I didn't need any paperwork. I will bring power cord. Isn't this a great site? By the way, you have a cute name. Bon Voyage
  10. All I know is I would call Celebrity and see what they say. Maybe they will make sure they have enough onboard. They will will probably use wheelchair for boarding early, but you have to let them know you need assistance. Good luck and enjoy your cruise.
  11. I am boarding my ship early. I am bringing a POC. We have early flight to Miami and don't know where to hang out with luggage & POC. My TA called Celebrity and they will be waiting for me when I go to the ship and we will board early. You should probably do the same thing. This is the first time for me and POC. I only use it at night, so far. I was considering a small POC (4lbs) but so expensive either to rent or buy. I'm taking POC on plane with me, it counts as a carry-on. It only weighs 17lbs. It has retractable handle like luggage. It is an Inogen Solo 2 I don't know what they will do when we leave ship in Rome. I am going private limo to Rome. I would alert Celebrity about a wheelchair. The lifeboat drill is indoors now. If you are flying, I would use wheelchair assistance in the airport. We are. Bon Voyage! Retired Educator, thanks for the info on power strip. My cabin has the sofa near the bathroom, don't know if that will make any difference. I don't know if I need Dr. note for ship. I better call Celebrity and find out. My cruise is very near.
  12. In my Celebrity cruise book 2012/2013, 9008 looks like Ocean View 4. I would call Celebrity to verify that. Maybe you could get something further back. I wouldn't want to be near the bridge even if you are one deck above. I stayed near bridge on the Zuiderdam and it was noisy with slamming door constantly. Good luck
  13. GalvestonLimousineservice.com Also Galveston.com
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