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  1. Hi all, my aunt and I are on the Independence of the Seas stopping in cozumel on Nov 23. Generally how far is it usually to walk from the ship to the taxi stand? We are doing something on our own (discover mexico park) because she walks too slow to keep up with a group, but doesn't want to use a wheelchair or scooter. Heck, sometimes I have a hard time keeping up with those guys with the signs leading you to the bus and I'm in fairly good shape.
  2. Good to know Royal is better about cancellations. I had to cancel a casino rate cruise on Carnival and lost the deposit, which is nonrefundable on casino rates.
  3. I know the OP is going on Princess, but just as an FYI, on Celebrity, I paid ahead on the website for chips because they give you 10% extra. Not the best deal, I found out. I was playing craps and on other cruise lines I'm used to them replacing the free play (not really free since I paid ahead for them) chips with regular ones once you win a bet. Celebrity does not do this, at least when I was on the Infinity last year, so the only time I got rid of any of those chips is if I lost. At least for Celebrity, I'd take free slot play.
  4. Heck, there are a heck of a lot of other safety hazards that they allow. Gee, maybe they shouldn't be using the stoves to cook dinner-only cold sandwiches for a week! LOL. And I don't mean to turn this into another kind of thread, but if they're so worried about it and they have banned smoking in cabins and on balconies, maybe they should ban smoking altogether! If a careless smoker is not a fire hazard I don't know what is.
  5. nope, it was my credit card (american express). And in answer to a previous poster, I did not use my s &s card at the casino. Each night a different hold for the complete total (not just that day's charges) was tacked onto my card. Whoever is responsible for taking the holds off doesn't matter. The point is, they don't come off right away and are totaled up and counted against your available credit, so 4 days worth of holds of hundreds of dollars killed my available credit. I was using one of my cards that doesn't have a huge credit line, thinking it would be ok since I kinda guessed what I'd have as a final bill, which I actually was in the ballpark of. Now that I know they do this, I'll make sure I use my card that has a higher limit.
  6. That's weird. It specifically says on the page for the cupcake class in my planner that it is. I wonder if it's worth an email to rcl?
  7. Beware of the holds they put on your credit card! Make sure you have LOTS of available credit. At the end of the cruise, I got called out of line too because my cc had been declined. What I was told is that whatever your current total charge is becomes a hold every night and isn't automatically cancelled once the next hold gets put on. I called my cc company and they confirmed this. There were new holds for every day for whatever the whole total was at the time, and the holds take a few days to a couple of weeks to clear. Therefore, all the holds added together put me over my credit limit even though the credit I had available at the start of the cruise would have easily covered what I had to charge at the end. It was a 5 night cruise and the end amount was about $800, so the previous 4 nights of holds did me in.
  8. I was looking at the information about the Sprinkles cupcake decorating class. In my cruise planner at the bottom of the page, it says "Class can be included in the 3-4 or 5 dining package." Now that it's the UDP would that still be the case? (It doesn't say anything on the generic page on their website, just on the cruise planner.)
  9. Private tours are the way to go, but if you like Hop On hop off busses, that's also an option. We did that, and it stopped in lots of neat places.
  10. I read somewhere that some ships have 2 different Le Petit Chef experiences, each completely different from the other. I can't really find any details either here on the forums, and the Celebrity website doesn't say anything about it at all either. Can anyone shed some light on this? Which ships have it this way? Thanks!
  11. I did something similar many years ago on Celebrity. We stopped in Germany, the day after that was an at sea day, and then on to Helsinki. We took the train to Berlin, spent the night there, flew to Helsinki the next day, spent the night there, and the ship was waiting for us the next morning. If they still allow this (call them and find out), here's what we did: Call celebrity and have them note on your reservation that you will be doing this. Make a printed copy of your intentions and itinerary to give to guest services when you board so that they're not surprised that you didn't show up at the end of the day. Everything went off without a hitch for us, and I really liked how it worked when we rejoined the ship. Our ship cards were deactivated just in case, so when we boarded they took us to Guest services to verify our identity (need passports) and reactivate our cards.
  12. I'm wondering the same thing. I'm on the Independence of the Seas with my aunt who uses a cane and walks really slow (doesn't use a wheelchair at all). We're planning on the Tequila Experience by Jose Cuervo, which says it's mild activity. She can probably handle that, but my concern is that the buses to get us there will be a zillion miles away from getting off the ship, which tends to be the case for any shore excursion. She would never keep up with the group to get to the bus. Heck, I can walk fine and sometimes in the past I've wondered if I'll keep up with the rest of the group to get to the bus or maybe lose sight of the guy with the sign in the throngs of people we have to push through.
  13. As I stated in post #3, there really aren't too many alternatives since everyone seems to think new ships gotta sail out of florida and aren't doing anything but 4 nighters at first. Like I said, Cuba would have been a big draw, but that's a no go now. I wouldn't go to the Dominican Republic right now at all because of the numbers of tourists getting the same pulmonary edema for no reason at all. And Key West is ok, but also one that lots of cruises go to. Bimini might be ok, if they've got neat stuff to do there. I would have made the cruises 7 nighters right off the bat and went to Grand Turk or maybe Puerto Rico along with their private place on Bimini. And it's not truly an at sea day if we're in port. There won't be any activities on board the ship like trivia contests, etc and the shops and casino won't be open because everyone will be off the ship.
  14. I guess they're not interested in stealing passengers away from other lines. I want to see the new ship, but that's not enough to warrant spending twice as much as going on the same itinerary on Celebrity for me.
  15. I guess since all the lines seem to start everything somewhere out of Florida that does limit ports quite a bit. I'd even prefer Southern Caribbean-those are the ports I haven't been to nearly as much. Problem with that is it means cruises that have to be considerably longer than the 4-5 day ones they've got now if sticking with florida departure ports. I'm sure Virgin won't want to do long cruises just yet. Honestly if I could have it my way I'd say don't bother with ports at all and just make em all at sea days. I'd be happy if the ship just did circles in the ocean for 5 days. 😄 That way every day has lots of activities right on the ship. The only thing that might have attracted people more would have been the cuba itineraries the lines all had to cancel. I've already been, so that wasn't attracting me to Virgin, but I do feel bad for those who had planned to go and now can't.
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