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  1. It would be SO awesome if it was a full charter. I did the Star Trek cruise and they had the whole ship decorated like one of the star trek ships. I'm sure this will be fun and if they ever rent out a whole ship for it I'm there! Shady Pines of the Seas!
  2. All promo chips. That's what bothered me.
  3. Knighton

    2nd choice

    Princess is pretty good compared to Celebrity.
  4. I'm having a bizarre experience with this deal. Curious, Gerelmx, where did you find the exact details? I looked high and low on the website and various emails I got and didn't see that. Thanks for posting. Now here's the weird part. If you notice the sailings supposedly included on the 20 20 sale have a little flag on them that says "$20 deposit + 2 free perks". Well, I found a 2 night cruise (yes I see now on the OP's listing that it's supposed to be for 4 nighters and longer) but nonetheless, the flag was on it. Tried a mock booking and it didn't give me the perk option, so I sent an email to celebrity. Right now I'm playing phone tag with someone who got my email and is having the celebrity IT dept looking into it. Basically my point to them in the email was that it's false advertisement to put the flag that says it's part of the sale on the listing and not honor it.
  5. Heads up on the promo chips. Bought a bunch of promo chips not happy with how they handle it at the table. On the craps table, I put the promo chip on the line as well as for my odds, but when I won they did not replace the promo ones with a regular chip, they left it there. Which means the only time you can get rid of them is if you lose them. I've never been anywhere where promo chips aren't automatically replaced with playable chips you can go to the cage with when you win.
  6. My plan charges me 5 cents for any texts I receive and 50 cents for anything I send. Would I be able to text for free with the social wifi plan? I don't use anything like facebook or any of the other social media platforms. All I do is text and check email with my phone and if I text alot that could really add up! Thanks!
  7. Yeah. When I called amex they claimed they were unable to get rid of them and I should call celebrity. But they were more than happy to raise my credit limit....🙄
  8. The daily hold messed my credit card up to the point that the holds added up until I had no credit left! Which I didn't know until I was trying to disembark and it wouldn't let me. Celebrity doesn't even get rid of the daily holds once you're paid up and disembark! (I used a different card, not happy about that either!) I called my credit card company when I tried to use the original card for something else and they informed me that I didn't have any credit left, and that Celebrity was who was taking it up with their holds. Called Celebrity and the lady said unfortunately it takes at least 2 weeks for the holds to come off. I would have had plenty of credit to pay the bill, but when they put a new hold for the total amount I owe every night and don't bother to rescind the previous one, it added up so much that screwed up my cards credit availability. Others have mentioned using AMEX, but believe it or not, this was amex.
  9. Well, needless to say I've learned my lesson. 🙂 It was very surprising and even a few days after the cruise the holds were still there (which I found out when I tried to use the card somewhere else). I called my card company and they couldn't remove them, but verified that they were all from Celebrity, then called Celebrity and they said it could take as much as 10 business days for them to bother to clear the holds-she said they're pretty slow about it. Which is dumb, since I am paid in full.
  10. I am a very seasoned cruiser (42 cruises) and this has never happened before! For some reason on my last cruise (Celebrity Infinity) I got a letter every single day saying my credit card didn't work. I often have this problem just once on a cruise-my name is hyphenated but some cards only have the married name. Anyway, on this cruise every day I had to go down and have them manually enter it, which did work. However, what I found out from this experience is that every day a hold is automatically put on the credit card for whatever you have charged up to that point. I get it, it's protection for them, but this time, the credit card I used didn't have as much of a credit balance and the multiple holds over 5 days added up to the point that they couldn't really charge the final bill! An embarrassing turn of events since I didn't know until I tried to disembark and my card wouldn't let me off the ship, doubly bad because I was on a ships shore excursion that they had to make wait for us while I straightened that mess out. Even calling the card company didn't help-they couldn't remove the holds and guest services didn't have the access to remove them either. I had to use another credit card that I really don't like using just to get things done. Has anyone else ever had this experience? I didn't realize that I had to have a ton of credit left on a card to cover basically double or triple what the final bill ended up being since they kept putting holds on my existing credit!
  11. We were on the Equinox last August and thought the hot glass show was really cool. However, it was pointed out during the show that there are a ton of people whose only reason to cruise was to be on the ships with the hot glass show and that they collector the pieces made there. Heck, the glass experts and the collector passengers seemed to know each other by name! I don't mean to sound snarky, but it seemed kinda convenient that even though the "auction" at the end for the pieces was supposedly random, the collectors seemed to be the ones always winning. Now that they're discontinuing the shows, I suppose these people will have to find other ways to fill up their collections. LOL.
  12. yep, clearing the cache and cookies did the trick and I was able to still find the $10 cruise. There was only 1 ( 5 day Sensation Dec 9) and unfortunately I already have plans that week. Oh, well.
  13. Still no luck-9:15 am this morning tried to log on (desktop computer) and I'm still getting the OOPS message. I'm able to log in on the phone, but it won't let me click through to my offers.
  14. :(Got in far enough to see that I've got a casino offer for a cabin on a cruise for only $10 + taxes, but it wouldn't let me any farther. Now I can't even log in. I sure hope it's still there later....
  15. Sorry. I looked hard at Florida Departures threads but everyone seems to have a hotel involved in their transfer and I don't know if this makes a difference. I'm going directly from FLL airport to Port of Miami. My usual private transfer service has stopped doing cruise transfers. 2 of us with 3 large suitcases. I'm willing to try Uber or Lyft, but is there another reliable but inexpensive private service (no sharing) anyone can recommend? Thanks!
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