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  1. They, and Carnival, also pay attention to the phone surveys you take after talking to agents live. I can't say how I know, but I can tell you they really do. Sent from my XT1585 using Forums mobile app
  2. Jeff, thanks for the reviews. They are amazing and tremendously helpful. You've gained a full time reader!
  3. We'll be on the Paradise for the 9/10 sailing. We have a total of 11 cabins helping me and one of my best friends celebrate our 50th birthdays. Looks to be a fun time!
  4. Has anyone, who sailed fairly recently on Paradise, possibly brought home one of the daily activity sheets (not sure what Carnival's title for it is)? This is our 1st time sailing on Carnival, and the 1st ever sailing for a couple of people in my group, and I would like to show them an example of what they can expect in their cabin every morning. Being able to show them exactly what it is would help immensely. Thanks, in advance!
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