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  1. This happened to us, too! We were in Minorca and were on an excursion to the "Dragon's Cave" (a good place to visit). It was a drizzly, cool day and the excited guide said we'd go to a "special" usually not visited shopping "mall" (like 4 shops all owned by relatives of the guide) - everyone on the bus yelled "No! Take us back to the ship!!" And he did.
  2. "Suite Amenities Package (for all Suites, excluding Neptune Suites) — prices starting at $289.00 - includes complimentary laundry and pressing; Holland America bathrobe with monogram of choice; in-stateroom High Tea or daily canapés; fresh flowers; special VIP debarkation procedures; special VIP debarkation lounge; Pillows a la Carte Menu; initial stateroom beverage setup; $50 Beverage Card; Pinnacle Grill dinner"
  3. <emphasis added> So not true. The B.B.King group plays in the Queen's Lounge (on those ships which have one). There is a small dance floor and, if you like blues and R&B, you're welcome to dance. But the Ocean Bar is still the main "ballroom" dance venue with "The Band" playing nightly. The Crow's Nest will also host a DJ for those whose dance choices are more "modern" than mine!
  4. There will be a combo playing. There is a dance floor. Whether or not the music will be dance-able is a bit of a crap shoot.
  5. You can only take your own wine to the MDR (either by the bottle or by the glass) if you've paid the corkage fee on it. The non-corkage bottle is specifically to be enjoyed In Your Room - not in any public areas.
  6. Are there any groups on your cruise which could have booked-up this tour?
  7. So, in the time before the Lido Marketplace, that machine we saw squeezing oranges was... a mirage?
  8. There are 8- and 10-tops available, but you'd probably do best to make reservations. This can be done up to 3 nights ahead. Check with the DR Mgr when you first board.
  9. Typical on HAL is assignment 2 weeks out - but it has been known to occur only once you get to the pier.
  10. For the 10 years I lived in California I bought 5 lb bags of Valencias at the farmers' market each week and squeezed my own. Can't get Valencias here in the mid-Atlantic, so I buy "not from concentrate" juice. Not as good, but better than concentrated. On the NA last fall the juice I got in the Lido (not from the dispenser, but from the counter) was fresh squeezed - again, not as good as my own fresh-squeezed was, but better than the stuff in the dispenser, by far.
  11. Don't fixate on a particular ship - Celebrity has a cruise starting on the 23rd and there are a number of others in the 21st-24th time frame.
  12. You, perhaps, misunderstand me. HAL's marketing materials and other documents mention charters quite a bit as well as group cruising. But nowhere do they use the term "partial charter" which could well be considered an oxymoron.
  13. Have your TA cancel this cruise and book another for the dates you originally wanted...
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