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  1. We booked a cruise on the Celebrity Apex for November of 2022 in January of this year. Fast forward six months plus, and cruising has resumed. HOWEVER, we are from Canada, and my husband as a mixed vaccine combination AstraZenica / Moderna that the cruise line does not accept. Since they, the cruise line has changed the terms of the sailing, should we be able to get our deposit back?
  2. My husband and I are leaving this weekend from New York City on our first cruise on Norweigan Escape. Our first port is Port Canaveral, arriving at 1pm and departing at 9pm. We are not into Space, and not enough time for Disney parks, and too far from any major mall worth going to. We are actually considering spending it on the ship and enjoying a less crowded pool day. We go from PC to Stirrup Cay Bahamas, then Nassau, then two sea-days back into the cold, so it would appear our only true warm weather days will be our 3 port days. All that said, what will be opened and closed typically if we choose to stay on-board? Im sorry for the newbie question, but we are trying to make a plan that feels right.
  3. We are arriving on the Norweigan Escape on October 29th in Port Canaveral. This ship docks at 1pm, departing at 9pm. I would really like to do some shopping. Is there any malls of any size close by enough to be reasonable to attempt to get to, in the time we have? I know there are some nice shopping venues in Orlando, but have no idea how we would get there, or the cost. I would appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks!
  4. My husband and I are going on our first cruise in about 68 days, on the Norweigan Escape. We have started our online check in, and as expected they are asking for how we intend to pay our expenses on the ship. Giving them a credit card to put on file is one option, and I am guessing the easiest. From what I have read they put a hold on funds. My question is how much is that hold and when do they apply it? I called Norweigan and the agent I spoke to said that they had absolutely NO IDEA how much of a hold the ship reserves, which I find very hard to believe. Cash was also an option. If we chose the cash option I am assuming we would have to stand in the long line at guest services day one to add cash to our on-board account. Just trying to figure out whats the best thing to do. We are Canadian and I assume that the working currency on the Norweigan Escape will be USD ( we are going from New York City to Florida and the Bahamas) so we also have the currency exchange to deal with as well, hence my thoughts of changing money at the bank at home, and leaving them with a USD cash deposit . I would really appreciate any advice and information on this subject. I thank-you in advance.
  5. We are departing New York for a 7 day Florida and Bahamas cruise. We will be on board for Halloween. I have searched Roll Calls and I can find nothing that tells me for sure if there will be a party on board for Halloween. I would really like to know, so we can prepare in advance with costumes possibly, ect. Also wondering about the White Party I have heard so much about. Im so sorry if Im asking a repetitive question, but I dont know where to look to find the information. Any advice, resources and answers are very much welcome. We are first time cruisers!
  6. We will be on the Norweigan Escape for Halloween. This is our first cruise ever, and wondering if there will be a Halloween Party? Also wondering about the White Party I have heard so much about. Im so sorry for likely asking a question asked many times before, but any guidance and information would be greatly appreciated.
  7. We are going on our first cruise in 93 days. One of our stops is Port Canaveral Florida. Our itinerary states we are there from 1pm-9pm. Is 1pm the time the ship arrives in port, or is it the time we will be able to disembark? The same for the 9pm departure time. I assume thats when the ship sails, and we will have to be back on board by maybe 7pm? I am trying to gauge what we will have time to do, as it seems kind of dull port if your not interested in the Kennedy Space centre. Everything else seems far away.
  8. My husband and I and another couple are travelling together to Florida and the Bahamas on the Norweigan Escape in the late fall. Our Cabins are side by side. I am wondering if the partitions between the balconies can be opened up? Not sure if this is even possible but no harm in asking!
  9. We are doing a Bahamas/Florida cruise out of New York city on Norweigan Escape this fall. Other travelling companions have been to Nassau in the past, and we are considering staying on board to enjoy the amenties of the ship, as we are sailing back into colder weather, so our actual warm days are going to be few. What if anything changes, when you stay on-board when the ship is docked? By that I mean, are all the restaurants and shops open? Can you still use your drink package in the same way, as I thought I might have read something about paying taxes on each drink, if the ship is docked? Sorry for the newbie question.
  10. My husband and I are stopping in Port Canaveral in the late fall of this year with NCL on the Escape. Its our first cruise. We have from 1pm to 9pm in port. Neither of us are particularly interested in Kennedy Space center and we would both like to do some outlet shopping or go to a large mall. No tours are provided from the ship that include transportation to do anything like that, with the Exception of Disney Springs. What areas would people recommend to go to for shopping? Also any recommendations for reliable transportation to get back to the ship.
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