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  1. Let’s stick to the script, folks. I, too, have veered off course, but think: Encore. She is soon in service.
  2. If NCL set up convenient indoor and outdoor sections dedicated only to smokers and charged a fee to access those sections (like the Vibe), would you pay the extra cost?
  3. The inflatables are for crew. Kpcheng would have much better info
  4. Sorry Keith, but everyone gets a turn in the barrel with NCL's crappy customer service.
  5. I put the couch mattress and throw pillows on the balcony so the DW can get her sun while I go to the casino.
  6. CCL and RCL tried in 2008: http://old.seattletimes.com/html/travel/2004319815_webcarnivalsurcharge01.html?syndication=rss Methinks they would just jack the cabin price up for future bookings.
  7. $199 is for 7 days so $249 sounds right. As a general rule, nothing on a Christmas cruise is going to drop in price ... those are very popular cruises and in high demand. Book now.
  8. Code for getting up at 5 AM and putting towels on chairs 😉 ... just kidding ... sort of.
  9. I posted a similar thread this AM. Later, I did some research, which I should have done earlier ... kpcheng had some thoughts about the actual cost being bunker fuel, the price of which did not correlate to the price of WTI. As CThorton suggests, the cruise lines have hedged their positions.
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