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  1. Likely due to the ban on cruise ships leaving from the usual port in Venice.
  2. I'm sorry for you, OP. If you searched the boards, then you would have learned that prices drop precipitously for the Escape out of NYC as the departure date nears. This is one of the cruises where you book right before upgrades occur.
  3. For cancelled POC, you are refunded the port fees. NCL is not obligated to provide additional compensation. However, they may provide some very modest OBC if enough complain. They should not charge you port fees at Bar if you are not able to get off. We went on this itinerary last year and thought that Kotor was the least favorite port. Yes, it is beautiful to sail into port, but the port itself was lacking.
  4. Bird just came off a cruise and still has the pom poms in hands. Discount accordingly
  5. Pretty sure we did the Sunset location. You are right ... no corral that I recall. The marine life and seascape were pretty cool. My first SNUBA experience can be described in two halves. The first half was familiarization, technique, and achieving a comfort level. The second half was exploring. I very much wanted to do it again that day, but there was no time. We lost a young person on our tank because they were not comfortable with the regulator - some people kind of overthink breathing. She went ashore and so did her parent so there was just two on our tank, which meant more time for us. The diver was great and worked with those that needed help. It is definitely a cool experience. We did it again in Cozumel and then in Grand Cayman.
  6. We did San Gervasio on our own by renting a taxi. I feel we wrung out what we were interested in learning through a self-guided tour. Read about the Mayans and ruins beforehand. I prefer to stay on Cozumel so no experience in the mainland excursions. Depending on personal preference, Cozumel has world class diving. Try SCUBA, SNUBA, or snorkeling. It is absolutely gorgeous under the surface.
  7. I don't think it is a matter of nationality - it is a matter of vacation preference. Folks cruise because they want to sample, not stay. Cruising is not for people who wish to immerse themselves in the local culture.
  8. The helicopters dropping the rich and famous off every 5 minutes during the fest
  9. This. We were there during the film fest and walked around the harbor, too. Many beautiful yachts. Bring euro coins for restroom.
  10. We book all our excursions through NCL. Sure we overpay, but when an excursion goes south - and we have had only a few that were very poor - the shore excursion desk onboard was very receptive, understanding, and compensatory.
  11. Moving in the opposite direction ... seriously considered booking a mid-December cruise, but ended up booking a vacation package to Las Vegas.
  12. I’m sorry for his passing and your grief, Brad. He made many people happy and forget their troubles with his talent. The world is a lesser place without Michael.
  13. Depends on the airport. Flights out of BWI are direct and cheap.
  14. If you are boarding later, then you may be SOL. Reservations go fast.
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