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  1. The Westerdam, 7 night Eastern Caribbean in 2012. Verandah gty, $549. It was just what I needed at the time, something soothing, and watching the water go by and listening to it was really just the right thing. Despite somewhat rocky seas, lol.
  2. It seems that it would be better if they charged less, or much much more. I don’t see viability in the growing trend of more animals on planes and cruises.
  3. I’d guess that as cruising in general becomes more comparable to hotels or resorts, and becomes amusement-oriented, naturally the average guest will tend to have overlooked the chance that sea conditions could interrupt the itinerary. In this case I think NCL could have offered a little refundable OBC in addition to the 25% credit, although that is higher than HAL gave me recently (which I consider satisfactory for our interruptions).
  4. Crunchii, you expressed much of what I love about Holland America really well. I dare say such opinions are more common than one might think, too!
  5. Would there be any rule of thumb that could be useful, like, x% of bookings are Guarantees?
  6. It is just past final payment for a cruise I'd like to take in mid-December. I've spent a lot of time trying to choose a cabin by starting the booking on the Princess website. There are very many cabing showing as still available. If this is truly the case then I'd like to wait and see if the prices come down (especially since it's a Monday-Friday itinerary between Thanksgiving and Christmas). But, I'm wondering if what I'm seeing is misleading due to the possibility that Guarantee bookings are not reflected in the cabin-selection step. Can anyone advise? Is it possible that there is actually little inventory, due to Gurantees not being assigned?
  7. What part of the deck plan shows what you see looking down from the balcony?
  8. I would like to book a balcony cabin on Island with a larger balcony AND look down at the sea from the railing. Are there such cabins? While booking on the Princess website, it appears that there may be no Premium balcony cabins in the Forward section. Do I need to book a Mini Suite if I want the larger balcony AND look down at the water (not look down at other balconies)?
  9. I also love the old style promenade decks! I love the opportunity to go to Mass on board! I love the classy staterooms and overall atmosphere!
  10. And I couldn’t imagine anyone basing such a major decision on a media article. A world cruise isn’t a jar of tomato sauce. I may read it, but would treat it as a snippet of information.
  11. There are outstanding cover bands all over the place. Any given Saturday night, you can easily find them. No need to cruise to find quality rock, soul, etc. cover bands (apparently BBKings rarely plays Blues). Quality, traditional ships, on the other hand, are not so easy to find.
  12. If only cruises on the two new ships were to come for free. Then I’d take one. 😏 I was on track to easily become a four-star mariner in time. Now I find other lines with acceptable promenade decks, and may stay a three-star.
  13. BYW, will the same be true for certain other classes? I assume it’s true for Coral. I need to know when to pack my rubber ducky! 😎
  14. Is there a rule of thumb for which cabin categories have a tub on Island? My deck plan doesn’t help with this.
  15. If you’re looking for a strictly enforced dress code you may be disappointed, although people on that cruise may be dressed a little nicer than, say, a Caribbean cruise.
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