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  1. Just an FYI - the tour with beer and pretzels was a $69 excursion - Ours was cancelled and RCCL immediately put the money back on our accounts which was cool but when we got off the ship yesterday and went over there by ourselves the same tour with beer and pretzels was only $13/ea. It was actually a really good time but def not worth $69. Do it on your own.
  2. Yesterday our Bahams Brews brewery tour in Nassau was cancelled and RCCL refunded the $69 back to our accounts - that was cool but we were shocked when we went to the brewery ourselves and paid $13 FOR THE SAME TOUR! :beer-toast: Just an FYI.
  3. I see that there's a sushi rolling class offered but do they serve it in the windjammer or dining room.....or anywhere on the ship?? Thanks!
  4. Happy upcoming anniversary! If you don't spend it all you can cash out at the end of the cruise. You won't lose it.:D Have fun!!!!
  5. Could you post the February compass? We are going in March.....:D
  6. Thanks Ken. I took the risk and booked it for them yesterday - added the sea trek. I'm sure they'll have a great day.
  7. or is it more for families. I am trying to book excursions for kids honeymoon. :cool: Is there another private all inclusive type place for adults only? They are in aruba for 12 days. Thanks!
  8. Yes! We just sailed 9/26. There was a letter in our cabin explaining the automatic upgrade. :)
  9. Thursday Same morning ritual. Found a groupon for the Hop on/off trolley so we did that in Key West. Very informative. Great guide. We didn't hop off though. The only hopping we did was from bar to bar back on Duval Street. :D We went to Captain Tony's, Sloppy Joes, Irish Kevins, Hogs Breath, Durty Harry's. Spent most of our time at Irish Kevins. They had live music - Jeff Harris - funny & talented. Didn't look very "Irish" in his cut off tee and cowboy hat LOL but he was GOOD! Had the best shot ever....well more than one LOL! Green tea and Jamesons! OMG Delish!!!! I don't know how we made it back to the ship :p . I crashed when we got back to the room and didn't wake up until the next morning. :( Missed the last night. sigh. We packed and walked off about 9:30am. The ship was in great condition. There was always someone cleaning, buffing, polishing. The food in WJ was typical buffet food. The dining room food was very good. We only caught one show...Love & Marriage. It was cute. Loved Loved Loved our balcony! It was our 2nd time aft but first junior suite. Our stateroom attendant Priscilla was a doll! She decorated our door for my birthday! Nice touch!!! I want to post some pictures but not sure how. We had such a great time and are already planning another cruise...most likely a 4-5 nighter. We also want to go back to Key West for a long weekend. Never did get to try key lime pie..........
  10. Which cabana area were you in? We were in the new South Beach area? Very secluded but definitely no grill, or steak, or shrimp....... :confused:
  11. Upgraded lunch? That wasn't our experience. I agree with the fan idea. That would have been nice!
  12. Wednesday aka My Birthday!!!!! Woke up to another beautiful sunrise, headed down to WJ for a quick bite, grabbed a coffee at the starbucks counter (love that perk!), and hopped on the 2nd tender to CocoCay. About a month before the cruise I started looking at the Beds and Bungalows. Twice I had them in my cart and twice I removed them LOL. Well, it's my birthday and I wanted a bungalow so we waited in line at the excursion hut only to find out we needed to go to South Beach to purchase one. We waited for the tram....it was HOT!! Jumped on and ...................it only took us 1/2 way. :confused: apparently there are 2 trams. :rolleyes: we walked the rest of the way and were able to have our pick of the bungalows. We chose #20 since it was in the first row and closest to the bar. We took the tender back to the ship, changed into bathing suits and met up with our friends only to find them waiting in line for towels that would NEVER be available. That's right. No towels. ***. It was ok for us though. Towels came with the bungalow along with 2 mats, fruit, a cooler of Evian water and Ryan our attendant. We had a great day on Coco Cay! The weather was perfect. It was hot but there was a breeze for most of the day. The water was warm and sooooooo calm. The floating bar was "ok". Not too much of a selection so we hung out for about 20 mins and then made our way back to the bungalow....and shade. Lunch was just ok too. Ryan took our order, again not much of a selection....I was under the impression it was a different/better menu then the buffet. Nope. The most exciting part...other than my b'day, were the 2 small sharks swimming around. I stood in the water taking pictures as they circled me only to find out the camera wasn't on! :eek: Too many miami vices..... It is pretty cool to say I went swimming in shark infested waters though, LOL!!! :rolleyes:
  13. The debate was on that night and we had 8:30 dinner so we grabbed something in the WJ and searched the ship looking for TVs showing the debate. We didn't find any so we watched in our room. Normally I wouldn't let politics dictate my cruise but the couple we sailed with are friends of Trump so we "had" to watch. :rolleyes: Later that evening we hit the casino...won a little...lost a lot LOL then off to bed about 2am. Tuesday Woke up in Nassau to a bit of rain... no big deal we went to Atlantis and had a beautiful day. We took a cab from the port ($4pp), stopped at the liquor store, bought a bottle of coconut rum ($17) and a gallon of tropical punch ($8). We made our own drinks by the pool and had a blast on the not so lazy river and slides. Great Great Day! Hit the Atlantis casino a bit - lost. The boys got a bit sun burnt and we were all pleasantly numb when we got back to the ship. We stopped in WJ for a light snack, changed had a few drinks on the balcony and went to dinner. We had a table for 4 on deck 4 which I requested via email about a week before the cruise. Our server was ok....very very happy...annoyingly happy and almost to eager to give us EVERYTHING on the menu. We enjoyed the food in the dining room very much. I ordered a cappuccino showed my card and was told it would be $3.50. I told our server it should be included...she called the matre'd over who confirmed the $3.50 and asked if I wanted to upgrade my package. What???? I tried to correct him but he wasn't backing down. Oh well, left without my cappuccino. I wasn't in the mood to argue. We were having a great time and it wasn't worth it. Went over to the starbucks counter and ordered one. :cool: We walked the shops, hit the casino for a bit, didn't see the show...The 8:30 traditional dining isnt a good choice if you want to see the shows. The early show was too early and the late show was during dinner :confused: Next time we will try MTD. The boys crashed early so my friend and I went to the schooner bar ordered some scotch on the rocks and sat outside on deck 5 watching an AMAZING lightning storm until my birthday at 12:01am!!!! Happy Birthday to me! :D
  14. My husband, myself, my best friend and her boyfriend booked this cruise for my 50th b'day. We had an awesome time! I didn't think I would like a 4 night cruise but I did!! This was our 2nd time on Enchantment. Monday Flew into Miami. Took Uber to the port - driver got lost :rolleyes:, finally made it, checked in around noon. Had to wait a bit to board. (There was something wrong with the gang plank?) Went up to the empty Solarium ate at the Park Cafe. Lots of good choices. Had a weck sandwich (yummy) and a Miami Vice, my new favorite frozen drink. We both had the premium pkg which was upgraded by RCCL to the Deluxe. (A PP was pre-printed on our cards. Our friends purchased the pkg on board and were given a sticker) The whole cruise the Solarium bar was the ONLY bar that didn't require a signature. Made our way to our cabins. We were in JS 7166 our friends were down the hall in JS 7670. Great cabins! Love the AFT views! Could have done without the walk-in closet. It seemed like such a waste of cabin space but I know some love it so whatever. Changed into bathing suits and hit the pool bar and hot tub! By now we are all a few drinks in and really feeling like we are on vacation....
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