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  1. We were on the 120-day inaugural Sun World Cruise in a PV1 cabin forward #6012...just as we requested. A perfect location, forward of the elevators. Never had any motion problems.
  2. WesW asked ne tochime in on the comparison of Regent and Viking Ocean, since I have traveled onboth. We were on Voyager’s 2007 (111 day) and 2010 (118 day) World Cruises.This year we were on Viking Ocean’s inaugural WC. We were on the Sun for 120days in a Penthouse Veranda 1 cabin, on deck 6 . The 338 sq ft cabin, including veranda, was very comfortableand about the size of ours on the Voyager No walk-in closet, but we had plentyof closet hanging space and had a couple drawers we never used. Obviously, Ihaven’t been on the Explorer, nor on the renovated Mariner and Voyager which itseems were made to look more like the Explorer. From the photos, they appear tome to be a bit over the top. But that is just personal appeal, just like food. I believe the coordinated, clean Scandinavian design of the VOships (they are all basically alike) is beautiful. I particularly liked the personalnooks and crannies throughout the ship, the completely protected Deck 5 walkingand jogging track (out of the windy experience on Voyager), the beautifuloutdoor furniture on the forward sports Deck 9 behind glass wind screens, thetwo-deck observation lounge, one with an accessible area forward, and all typesof individual and small group entertainment throughout the ship. The ship hasmore floor to ceiling glass than any ship we’ve been on. The lectures andvaried evening entertainment were excellent. Cons: the side pool deck loungers didn’t have enough cross-ventilation,even when the roof was open. The “included” excursion in each port were manytimes just panoramic city tours with a couple stops. However, being its inauguralWC, Viking included a very large sum of on-board credits to purchase optional toursand shipboard expenses. Viking also included first/business class air fares, additionalluggage shipment to the embarkation port, laundry service, visa service,medical service, the premium beverage package, wi-fi and taxes & gratuities.Making it basically all inclusive like RSSC. I’m not sure about the reference in this thread about thehorrors of the Viking Sun WC. We had a grand time. Is it different than the Regentexperience? Yes, but that’s not a criticism. Both lines were fun. But I believeRSSC has priced itself out of our league. Cost to does and value do matter tous And I understand Viking is not offering generous perks on subsequent worldcruises. Will we travel with Viking again? Certainly?
  3. We were there and I don't want to recount all the details. Let me just say that it was a disapointment, particularly after the buildup.
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