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  1. Hi, Thanks for this information. I also got the letter about the child from the 3/1 cruise. I didn’t know about the quarantined family on our cruise. I did hear the captain say that there was no infection on the ship, so I have to wonder why he said that.
  2. Loved the Bliss! Took the last cruise out of NYC for a while (3/8/20). It was a wonderful cruise in every respect: friendly, welcoming crew, very clean and beautiful ship, stellar entertainment. We loved Jersey Boys, Six, the Beatles tribute band and all the other entertainment. Familiar Strangers and the comedian Clinton Jackson were standouts. We had great service in the restaurants and at the bars. Loved the food in the beautiful dining rooms. Despite the upheaval all around the world this past week, we were able to relax and enjoy every day on this ship. This was my son’s first cruise, and I think I have made him a fan for life. When cruising starts again, definitely go on the Bliss. I believe you will have a wonderful experience.
  3. We were on the Bliss leaving NYC on 3/8. Received this letter also this evening. I’m not sure whether to worry or not. I hope this child is ok.
  4. We’re just off the Bliss (3/8 sailing from New York). I’d like to know the source and accuracy of this information if anyone has it. Thank you.
  5. The Bliss seems pretty full, but probably because it’s so big, it does not feel too overly crowded (so far). But we are still in New York and were supposed to leave 90 minutes ago. I’m not sure if this delay is common here or something new. Pool decks busy, as is the Observation Lounge, but the crowd is relatively quiet and very controlled. I do not know if this is typical for NYC embarkations, or something unusual.
  6. We arrived at 10:30. There was already a crowd ahead of us. But things moved relatively quickly and we were on the ship by 12:30. I’m not sure what the delay is now, as I have heard no announcements. Health checks included a quick temperature check and a questionnaire. Nothing too crazy. As long as we do set sail, we will be happy! BTW the Observation Lounge is lovely and a great place to wait in peace.
  7. Boarded the Bliss early this afternoon. We had a great lunch in The Local and are now enjoying drinks in the Observation Lounge, looking out at the New York skyline. All was organized and peaceful at embarkation. Friendly crew and nice crowd of passengers. We’re expecting to set sail soon, and expect to have a wonderful cruise. Will keep posting if possible!
  8. To the OP, I’m sorry you are going through this. It must be very upsetting. The financial loss compounds the sense of disappointment at missing out on the cruise. Too bad some on here feel it’s appropriate to post comments that are unhelpful. I hope there will be a resolution for you and your family. These certainly are tough times for people planning cruises! Let’s hope the virus is contained very soon, and that fear does not lead to panic and spur additional discrimination. None of that will help anyone!
  9. The OP stated that having four in the cabin was the only way to afford the cruise. Enough said. It’s good that some here are being encouraging and offering helpful suggestions regarding making the bedding situation more comfortable. OP, I think it will likely work out. Try to think about all the fun you’ll have on the cruise!🌞
  10. Thanks so much for this informative review. You helped a lot with our planning for our cruise on the Bliss in March. Appreciate the tips!
  11. So glad you’re doing this! We’re on the Bliss 3/8. Not good news about the Observation Lounge though🙁 Look like it’s warm. Enjoy!
  12. Thanks for this thoughtful review. It's good to hear a positive perspective. Having reasonable expectations does seem to be a key part of the ability to enjoy things. I'm glad you had a good experience!
  13. Some sensible comments here, along with the usual insulting one(s). I feel for you. Anyone could make a mistake. It might be best to cancel and rebook, although I get that doing so might complicate things. Too bad that these boards so quickly degenerate into the posting of attacks like the first response. Unnecessary. In fact, the OP acknowledged the mistake up front.
  14. Your review is so interesting and helpful. Thanks! We love Disney and go every year, and have just started cruising these past few years. (Have only sailed out of NYC). I love the idea of combining the two, so sailing from Port Canaveral is a great idea!
  15. I don’t understand why this is of such interest and a subject for criticism. It’s a financing program. Sensible? Maybe not, but no one is forced to become involved in it. Offering information based on one’s experience is one thing, making baseless judgments is another. We have no way of knowing the financial status of anyone (other than ourselves) who takes cruises. Seems best to focus on our own business and leave others to theirs.
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