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  1. We have only seen this once, recently, and it was about day 4 on a 7 day cruise. It was advertised on the cruise compass. Its especially good if you only have a few drinks a day, but you can not rely on it being available on all cruises. it would be nice to see what percentage of the cruises it has been offered. The card we got was fairly low tech, and the bar staff just signed it off after each drink. Good luck. Lynn and Carl
  2. We had all sorts of problems linking bookings. Our major issue was that two couples went through their TA (the same TA for both) and we booked online. We could do nothing about it online and had to do it on the phone to RCCI. Even that was difficult as we are Oz based. They kept flicking us back to Oz or a Singapore office (for Asian cruises). There seemed to be minimal these areas could do. Finally found someone at head office in Miami who sorted it all out for us............we will actually find out when we cruise if it actually worked. Recommend calling RCCI and talk it through. Make sure you have all the booking numbers, and ensure everyone has the same dining option and time. Good Luck! Lynn and Carl
  3. The choice of view is very subjective. When you are cruising inside Hubbard Glacier the ship turns so both sides get the same view. Also when going down the Inside Passage and other narrow waterways, the view is similar. It will be what do you want to wake up to. From memory the view towards the coast on sea days, when not in narrow waterways, was not that close to the coast. So the question would more likely be do you want to wake up to the morning sun. At night you will only be seeing stars, so that view is perfect, on either side. Personal opinion, I don't think it really matters, but would ere to the view towards the coast and the morning sun. That said we about to travel around the south island of New Zealand, and have picked a cabin that will generally be on the coast side, just in case we do get the opportunity to check out the scenario while relaxing. I am sure she will enjoy it either way! Carl and Lynn
  4. While not travelling on the larger boats, we have been on Radiance and Voyager classes, we also enjoy the interaction with the group that you meet at the dining table. We have been pretty lucky in that on all occasions (with fixed dining) on RCCI we have been with a group that gets on, that was global (from all different countries) and stayed together for the duration of the cruise. It was one of the highlights we love. That said we have also seen, especially towards the end of the cruise, a large number of tables in which the occupancy has deteriorated, with only a few people left. That is disappointing, but not something you can plan for. It is a bit of a 'luck of the drawer'. Expect some at the table to have speciality dining during the cruise, but we make a point of informing our dining guests before hand, just being polite. We also generally have first night at a speciality restaurant - sort of a welcome to the holiday treat, so that first night can be a little misleading. As someone else suggested, if your table is 'bare' see if you can move to one that looks like a fun group. Although not much help, good luck, and we hope you find nice dining partners!
  5. Even in Oz we are getting this cheap at the moment. With regards to the first or second night, the system does force you to pick a time, and the company will assign a restaurant, BUT as soon as you get on-board, go to one of the restaurants and remake your booking for the that first use. There is a better than even chance, with some flexibility on your part, to change it to whatever restaurant and time you desire.
  6. Hi guys, we can back this up, it does require a call to RCI, but my wife doesn't drink so she has the refreshment package, and I have the Deluxe package. We did this a week ago, it was a very brief conversation, and they did it for us. Easy as.
  7. Hi all, I am after a current list of the beverages on the current Oz rotation for Radiance. I know that these lists are around somewhere, but the ones I have found are a few years old. If anyone has some scanned that would be great. In particular a friend (no a real friend!) is interested in the beer lists from the different bars (yes he is an Aussie). Any help or links to accurate lists would be greatly appreciated. Carl 🍻
  8. Hi, we live in Cairns and are happy to answer any questions we can. The Skyrail / Kuranda rail runs every day, and getting a ticket on site on the day, or through one of the many (many) tourist booths, will be quite easy. The only issue i see with the Army Duck is that the Skyrail does not directly link up with Rainforest Station but I found this link that shows that the Skyrail people can hook you up (https://www.skyrail.com.au/cairnstours) - hope this helps. You can drive to the Skyrail, and catch the gondolas up to Kuranda, and then catch the train back down (and do the Duck thing whilst up at Kuranda). If you take a hire car, park at the Skyrail, and they will transfer you from the train station back to the Skyrail. The Skyrail runs all day, but the train back (and that is best option I think) are fixed times (try the gold class if you want to splurge). As Bpos indicated the Botanical Gardens / Flecker Gardens area is a lovely couple of hours walk, and if you feel real energetic you can take the Red Arrow walk (its part of an exercise trail in the same location) for some more rainforest experience right in town (but its is a little bit of work and has some steep step portions). With anything to do with tours you can book up to the night before, and with many fixed attractions you can just rock up and get in. A car would be handy if you want to explore on your own, or miss the tourist peak times. With only 3-4 days there is much to do in the rainforest, on the reef or local Islands, and up at the tablelands - more than enough to fill your time, just depends how you want to fill your days (sitting around the pool and having a BBQ are just as valid options). If there is anything else we can help with....... Lynn and Carl
  9. We have always been told to take the medication in the original wrapper / container and a copy of the prescription with us (we take enough for the trip plus a few days). Our Dr actually prints our requirements out on a form he has. We have never been queried by Customs (or TSA in the States), but we feel that is a necessary precaution.
  10. I know what you mean, its all about value for money. I will buy a package if it fits into what I want / need and seems reasonable. Just hate when they try to pull the wool over our eyes. Maybe they are only kidding themselves that they are having a sale? Looks good at stock holders meetings or something? Carl
  11. I have seen comments on this from many other cruisers, but just thought I would add a current 'cruise discount'. On the Australian website (to match UK and US sites that I know of) they have just advertised the drink packages at 10% and 20% off (depending on the package). The only problem is, it's the same price it has been for weeks (in actual fact the drink package I bought the better half a few weeks ago is MORE expensive thanks to currency fluctuations). When is RCI going to admit that they are treating us like fools! I have seen real discounts at times, like the Black Friday sales, but this is ridiculous. AArrrrggghhh :mad:
  12. When you board, head to the restaurant you want for the first night and get them to source your booking, then change it to that restaurant. You can then book the remainder at your leisure. As pointed out the cheap prize does count for some inflexibility, but we have never had a problem.
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