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  1. Hi all, Just tried again online and again with the operator, still no luck. This VISA thing is a known issue with the operators, so its not just us, or our cards. But still no response to requests on why its happening, or how long its going to take to fix. As I said before, its been 8 weeks for us. There are other ways to pay, but that's beside the point. Thank you everyone for your responses and suggestions. Appreciate your time. Lynnandcarl
  2. That's what we thought, but we have been told by a number of RCI phone operators that there is a problem with VISA, its not the cards (we are using them as normal for other stuff) and it has been going for at least 8 weeks that we know of. Thanks.
  3. Up and til now we have no problems, it is a recent thing. Just seeing if anyone knows why.....Thanks.
  4. Can anyone explain what the current problem is with Visa payments to RCI. We have been trying to pay the deposit on a number of bookings for over two months but we cannot! We have tried online, via the Australian number, and directly into Miami. At all times the payment was rejected due to problems with Visa (and no, we have not tried a different company's cards, all ours are Visa). The latest issue was our most recent booking was cancelled (with no warning) because we hadn't paid the deposit - guess what WE CAN"T. The team has been helpful, and very apologetic, and adm
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