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  1. I agree with the comments above about ATMs, Visa and MasterCard, etc. I try to get Euro from a bank ATM as soon as I land at the airport. Be mindful of the withdrawal limit (if any) on your ATM card and the conversion. I have seen that goof people up who forget about that. I also try to use credit cards a lot of the time and always charge in the local currency. I always notify my bank and the credit card companies. Generally, I have a few Euro left over when I come home, and if so, I put them away for the next time. However, using the ATM at the airport works so well that I don't really need them. Have a great time on your trip. Ohiodoglover
  2. Great review. Wonderful overview of this cruise. Thank you for posting. Ohiodoglover
  3. I don't understand the furniture. It just doesn't look comfortable at all. What in the world were they thinking?? What a nice husband to get you a real lounger. That looks much better than the junior high school chairs. Have a great trip. Ohiodoglover
  4. Food and dining room service are very subjective. Everyone has her own opinion. Personally, I really like Blu and book Aqua for that reason. We booked our DS and DIL on a cruise for their honeymoon and picked Aqua class so that they could have Blu. After a day or two they switched to the MDR and liked it better. Do I agree, no, but that is their opinion. That's ok. It was their trip. Ohiodoglover
  5. We were on Pacific Princess last summer in the British Isles. It was great and is, by far, my favorite Princess ship. Those in our group agreed with me. The only ship that I've been on that was close was the old Celebrity Century, but I thought the Pacific was nicer. Those who get to cruise on her are very lucky, IMHO. Ohiodoglover
  6. I like both Venice and Florence better than Rome. Just returned from Rome. It was fine, but Florence is better, IMHO. Easier to move around, friendlier, etc. And, I love the art in Florence.
  7. We returned from a Mediterranean cruise earlier this month. We used Rome In Limo while in Rome. We took the two day Rome tour, including the Vatican with early admission. Rome in Limo provided our party with transportation from the port to our Rome hotel. The driver was on time, the vehicle was comfortable, the transportation was great. It cost us 25 euro pp for our group of eight. We would do that again. The first day of our tour was ancient Rome, and a drive around Rome. Our guides were good, and the tours very nice. It was extremely hot in Rome, and they were both good about taking care of our more seasoned group members. They did a great job. If it hadn't been so hot, I know we could have seen more, but we did the best we could under the weather conditions. Our second day was the Vatican Museum. I would not go the Vatican without a guide. It was incredibly crowded and extremely hot. You could hardly move around. We had early admission. Our guide was late and ok, but not great. (This was my third time there, so i have some context.) Still, we couldn't have gotten through without the guide. I would use Rome in Limo again. Ohiodoglover
  8. We stayed at the Hotel Jazz earlier this month. The rooms are fine, and they have a very nice rooftop bar/informal restaurant when we spent evenings. It is well located- close enough to walk to La Rambala, and close to a metro station. It was also easy to get taxis there. The best part of staying there was the service. They were able to help us get tickets to La Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. One of our party had a passport issue, and they went out of their way to assist. The price wasn't bad, either. It isn't fancy, but we would definitely stay there again. Ohiodoglover
  9. Have a wonderful time. Following along on yet another great adventure. Thanks for posting. Ohiodoglover
  10. Thank you for posting. Enjoying your review. Ohiodoglover
  11. I had the same issue: Princess did not ticket the flight after we made final payment. We wanted to get airline seats. Air Canada would not give us seats until the fare was paid. I called Princess. It took a while, but they finally made the payment to the airlines and ticketed the flight. We got our seats. Another reason that I don't really like EZAir, but it saves us money, so we keep using it. Ohiodoglover
  12. I will follow along. Have a great time. Ohiodoglover
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